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Update FreedomTeller.net | Update - SID/EID Polo Ts & Casual Linen JK

Jun 6, 2012

    1. [​IMG]
      Casual Linen JK (SID & EID) & Polo T (SID & EID) on FreedomTeller.net
      http://www.freedomteller.net / http://twitter.com/freedomteller

      We're here to inform you of our newly updated items for SID & EID sizes.

      Polo Ts are one of the most traditional items to have in men's closets
      and they have been one of the best selling items of all time due to their casual but clean looks.
      For your well dressed men, Freedom Teller tried to recreate this item in doll sizes as close to real human's as possible.

      This item is well tailored with cotton pique materials.
      The collar and cuffs were made seperately at right scale of dolls for a strong clean finish,
      and we added a single stripe to make this item even more stylish.
      We also gave this item a preppy-look with an embroidered emblem on the chest.

      Because of the embroidery and collar work, it will be very difficult for us to restock these Polo Ts once they are sold out.
      Please get yours before they are all sold out. ^^

      Casual Linen JK
      We would like to introduce our new contemporary but still sophisticated single casual jackets.
      Tailored with linen materials, this is a great item to add a little bit of color to your wardrobe.
      We have prepared this item in 2 colors: clean washed blue and sophisticated washed jeans

      If our suits have the image of professional business men,
      this casual jacket has the image of a comfortable off-day that can easily be mixed & matched with variety of other items.


      Thank you!