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FreedomTeller.net | Winter Event is here~! ^^

Dec 14, 2011

    1. [​IMG]
      Winter Event Announcement on FreedomTeller.net
      http://www.freedomteller.net / http://twitter.com/freedomteller
      Thank you for all your kind interest for Freedom Teller during 2010~ ^^

      There had been some difficulties but in overall, it was the year of goodness.
      To show our appreciation towards customers, we have prepared a small winter event.

      Addtional 5% Points towards your orders

      Any orders placed in December will receive 5% addtional points on top of the 1% you normally get.
      This will apply to those who ordered from December 1st til now.
      Those who ordered in November but did not receive your shipment notice yet also applies for this event.
      (Orders mae from November 18th til November 30th.)
      We will deposit points between December 30th ~ 31st.

      Free Gift

      When you place an order of $ 200 or more, we will include a free gift of a multi-use blanket for your dolls.
      (Blanket measurements : width 44cm x length 34cm )