Update [Freedomteller] New Boys fall clothes updated

Sep 28, 2019

    1. New men and women casual clothes updated on FreedomTeller.com
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      [UPDATE] New Boys fall clothes updated


      We have updated the new fall event clothes and accessories.

      We are prepared that the new clothes are made up of two shirts with points that reflect autumn trends, Harness sets, and tie.

      You could also order another version of the basic black suit, Monochrome Chic during the event period.
      This set has jacket and pants only and we've added a new harness set (chest, legging) this time.
      If you want a more trendy style black suit, please take it this time.

      -Event Item-
      [Monochrome Chic w / harness]-65cm (SD17) Boys
      [LEOPARD (print)] -62cm, 65cm, 70cm Boys
      [SHINY (twinkle)] -62cm, 65cm, 70cm Boys

      -Always Items-
      [Harness (chest, legging)] 65cm (SD17) Boys
      [Necktie (checks & stripes) -65cm, 75cm Boys

      The three event clothes are produced only until October 15th and will not be remade later.
      It will be closed automatically when a certain quantity of order is exceeded, so please care about it.
      Harness and ties could make the order always.

      Event Clothes Order Period:

      Order period: 2019.09.29 ~ 10.15

      Delivery period: 2019.10.15 ~ 10.30 (Shirts) / ~ 11.10 (Suits Set)

      * Delivery date may be delayed if the order quantity is large. *


      Thank you for your interesting and love.
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