Update [Freedomteller] New Fall and Winter items updated

Oct 14, 2018

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      [UPDATE] New Fall and Winter items updated

      We will inform you about the new fall and winter items updates.

      We have a half coat of single-breasted of over fit coat this time.
      It is a simple but chic feeling overfit and prepared two different fabrics, nice solid and classic check.
      The girl's coat is also made to feel like a man's tailoring and could wear it as an over-fit.

      In addition, we matched the Pola T and it matched simply and stylishly.
      The neck polo is an item that can change either individually or in a casual style if you wear it with a shirt.

      * Shipping might need 3 ~ 4 weeks, please care about it.


      Thank you for your love and interesting.
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