French Resin Tinies?

Dec 20, 2006

    1. Are there such a thing? I really love the translucent appearance and would love to add one to my collection! :love
    2. Unidoll has one that's coming out--I think it's around 30cm, but I could be off on the height.
    3. I want a tiny myself at one point. ^_^ Good luck in your search!
    4. I think Banji are french resin...both pink and white are translucent and mat, they feel like velvet.
      I've never seen a resin so beautiful... better than Volks one!
    5. And they match other french resin dolls too! I compared a Supia MSD to my banji legs from my sister and they are very close.
    6. Narsha? Really?!!! That's on my list! LOL

      Narsha are more expensive more then most other tinies so maybe that's why!

      I like the Banji, too!
    7. Banji and Narsha are the only ones I know of

      if ever Narin bring out a tiny Im doomed
    8. Narsha are also bigger than most tinys...they're really pushing at the upper limit, size wise, between Yo and Mini in height. That could account for the higher price. They're absolutely beautiful, though.

      Banjis are one of the most elegantly sculpted tinys I've ever seen. The hands and feet are amazing, so much detail.