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Friends 2b made site ,which size clothes??

Feb 10, 2008

    1. Can someone tell me I have looked through clothes post, when you buy from Friends 2Be, are the clothes for the 14inch cloth doll , for Unoa/Narae
      I noticed they have 2 dolls , the other one being 17inc is called sweethearts, I am in Australia and dont want to make the wrong choice ...Help and do all the outfits top/skirt fit the doll??:doh
    2. Simce most F2BM skirts are very short you need to wear most pretty low on the hip. Some will not close or barely close on 19cm hips. If you get one that won't close, and don're care how it looks in the back for a photo, you can use a piece of this double-sided velcro to bridge the gap to hold the skirt closed.

      And here is the big Friends2BMade thread:

      And since I don't own the thread and can't change the first post, here is a summary about fit and a link to the BJD fit database for F2BM:

    3. Thanks for the info, went shopping for almost 2 hours on/off, putting stuff in the cart then taking it out again. got to have the right pieces...I checked the differnet threads and bought a few outfits I know that will fit, from other post, hopefully the rest will too....I almost halved my order by the time I finished , now I just have to wait for the outfits and the doll to arrive....hooray...