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Friends for my Unoa?(head trouble)

Jun 23, 2007

    1. I ran a search and found something sort of what I was looking for, but not enough info. ^.^ so sorry if this has been anwered somewhere before...

      Well, I'm going to have 3 Unoas because 3 of my characters are siblings so they should look alike, but the siblings have their own friends too. O.o I want them to kinda match...same size eyes, fairly same size bodies...ya'know? Most MSD I see have huge eyes ._. and I don't want my Unoa to look like they have squinty eyes because of it.

      Does anyone have any suggestions? I already know I want a Supia Yan, a Narae Butterly, Limwha Limho, Narin..and maybe a Shiwoo and Shushu.
      Anyone know anything else? I don't really want an N-doll(only because they remind me too much of Yan and Yisol, I don't want them to look related)..I'm out of ideas, what about Latidoll? I can't even access that site to look for myself.

      *Sigh* this is kinda hard. T.T I just need heads that have small eyes(12mm-14mm), basically...I can look around for bodies to match if I have to.
    2. The Lati Blue line is in proportion with Unoa/Narae/other 43cm dolls, with the same slim and more mature bodies.. you could try a gallery search? (the lati site wouldn't open on my computer either, but it opens fine on my friends' and bfs'.. maybe try another computer?)

      Other than that there's some serendipity dolls, like Sharmin, but I'm not really informed too well on those guys. ;P
    3. I second the Lati blue vote, but just note that Cara and Shaina have bigger heads and faces than Yern. Here's my Yern with a Lusis wink face plate:


      Cara and Shaina might take 16mm. I don't know, I don't have one. I know for certain that even the smallish iris 14mm eyes I have in Rebekah are too big, as you can see in the picture. I will be getting her 12mm eyes in the future. Rebekah's eyes are a bit narrower and wider than Lusis' eye. They are wearing one each from the same set.
    4. Dollmore Ashas take 14mm, at least the LE ones. I'd show you but my girl's off having her faceup done...wait, I have a photo of another.

      My Baron with his girlfriend Rhiannon, who is a Dollmore LE Asha Rosee. She takes 14mm eyes.

      I can tell you quite frankly that 14mm doesn't work in my Volks MSD Maggie at all, nor in my Dream of Doll DOC Yen. Well, okay, the 14mms fit the Yen's eyewells, but the irises are just TOO small to look right, you know?
    5. I like Narae/Limho/Supia/Limwha dolls with Unoa's they look good together. I have a MNF Soo and even though her body looks good next to the others her face and head is a bit too big and more anime like than the others. JMHO.
    6. I vote for Sharmin if you can find one. They can also share clothing. . Heads are the same size eyes can either be 12 or 14 cm.
    7. Sharmin is a bit skinnier (at least the first body design is) and her head had a slightly smaller look. But not too bad... And the doll on the far right is MSD.

      New doll Anne by "Castle Anne" measures only slightly larger than Narae in waist and hips, and is 42cm with 6.7 head, 12mm eyes:

      Mature Soulkids (Miryu, Apple, Yewon) have 7.28 head and 14mm eyes. 42cm tall with measurements similar to Narae - might look ok with Unoa even though head is larger.

      Here are links to a variety of comparison photos involving some dolls including Unoa.

    8. I agree, I love the look of the Castle Anne! She looks like an older sister/friend to an Unoa ;)
    9. My MNF Shushu doesn't look strange with my lusis. She wears 14mm and has small eyes ^^
    10. Super Dollfie Cute have the same head size as well ^^
    11. Thanks for the help everyone! :) I've never even heard of Anne before, wow she's pretty! and I had no idea Super Dollfie Cute were a good match O.O I have a lot to learn.
      I think I'm gonna learn all I can about Lati Blues too, too bad the site won't work. I guess I can order one on the second market though.

      I adore Asha, but I'm not sure if she'll fit as any of my characters ^.^ I might get her anyway though someday.

      I'm not sure if I like Sharmin, she's pretty but she doesn't fit any of my characters either, and she makes me feel sad looking at her. =<

      I was thinking of a SoulDoll Apple, she looks so cute! I like her facial expression ^^

      Is there any mature looking boys? I only know of Narin, Limho, and the Unoa boys. X_x
    12. Latiblue boy might work? Also, the Latidoll site is really weird. It works for some people and then hates the rest. Try a different browser? It might help. So does an SDC boy.
    13. What about N-doll?
    14. well the MNF boys of course :)