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Friends2BMade clothes, Tons of pictures, great guide to fit! :)

Jan 6, 2006

    1. ...Mod note....Friends2BMade went out of business....Only Build a Bear remains.


      I'm so psyched! I have a rather large box in my lap...filled with over $100 worth of Friends2BMade clothes for my Ariela!


      I'm going to go try them all on her, and I'll post pictures for everyone to enjoy...and as a good reference to some clothes that may not have been featured yet! ^^

      Of course...they go and release a ton of more adorable Valentines Day themed stuff, days after I order! ^^ Oh well!

      *bounds off*

      Two hours later.... heh

      Everything was ordered from friends2bmade.com, and are all being modeled on my CP Delf Kid Ani girl.

      Out of everything, only three things will have to be returned (two outfits, the hat)! I was so excited when I opened the box...soooo much stuff!!

      But...right off the bat, I realized...whoops, the hats just DON'T fit! I heard someone before say they didn't fit, but I've found that somewhat big or small stuff can still look cute, but.......
      Yeah, don't spend $5 on a hat that can't be used! Whoops. ^_~

      Next...here come the outfits!!
      Please don't mind the mismatched socks. She was just sleeping in them. ;)
      I LOVE this shirt!! (8128 black & white 2-fer shirt $5) I was skeptical about getting it, but it is definitely worth it! I would have paid ten if I could have seen how adorable it is!

      The only problem is that the skirt (8426 glitter denim skirt $4) is a TINY bit snug...best for photoshoots or regular wear on slimmer dolls.
      When closed all the way, it fits a little high, thick, and short. But...still cute. Keeping!

      I'm a big fan of cats, so I HAD to get this shirt! ^__^ Fits purrrrfect, and below the belly button!
      The shirt (8562 meow tee & mask $4) came with a mask..which is cute...for halloween next year! ^_~
      You'll have to tie or attach elastic to the back, or re-affix the velcro, as the f2bm dolls apparently have huge heads! XD

      I have adored this skirt ( 8604 pink lace skirt $4) since the moment I saw it...and it IS a perfect fit, and very sweet!!! Can be worn by a little girl doll, or an adult doll as a casual/dressy skirt!
      The shirt shown (8598 pink lace trim top $3) looks sweet and matches well, too!
      She's only got little apple buds, but I think it would fit on a small bust doll as well! :)

      This shirt ( 8544 pink rhinestone v-neck tee $3) is precious with the skirt, too!

      And this top (8586 polka dot top $3) is to die for! :)

      The top also looks great with a very sweet, very SOFT pink pleated skirt.
      Skirt: 8532 pink corduroy skirt $4.....fits like a dream on my girl! It sits perfectly on the hips, comes together in the back where it should, and is a great length, coming a little above her knees when she's standing!!

      Same wonderful skirt, this time with a very chic little top! (8529 rose long-sleeved tee $3) I love where the sleeves end, it looks really cozy!!

      And now, one of my favourite shirts...soooo cute!! I adore how it fits, and it looks just so precious on her!
      (8645 sweet candy tee, $3)
    2. This skirt (8602 white corduroy bow skirt $4) is another perfect fit! A little shorter than the pink one, but just as absolutely sweet!!
      Image makes it look off-white, but it's a pure, bright white!

      How cute!!
      I adore this top...let's face it: she's cute!
      (8438 cute tee $3)

      Classic girl next door look. Aww!
      (The edges on the top of the shirt have a bit of a rough look to the finishing...but in their defense, I've seen people-sized rugby shirts in this style with rough edging, too. It may just be difficult to finish without some edges showing...*shrug* And for the price, it's quite all right!)
      Top: 8124 striped collared shirt $3
      Skirt: 8567 khaki bow skirt $4
      The skirt is adorable, and fits very well, too. Short, but sweet!

      I was rather upset to find out how poorly this outfit fit, as it was the first one I fell in love with.
      It's going back.
      As we all know, the hat will be too big, and the shoes are ridiculous compared to MSD feet. :)
      However, this outfit (8054 sweet plaid $12) seems to have been made without using a pattern. Granted, the F2BM girls are plush, and can be squished and squeezed to make something fit, but this is really out of its own league. It would fit GREAT on a slim doll such as Narae or Sharmin, I believe.
      With everything attached how it should be, the top is extremely short, and the skirt is very high and very short. It reminds me of, when I gained weight, trying to get my schoolgirl skirt to fit. Yeah, not too attractive. XDD
      You can pull it down and have it unvelcroed in the back, but it looks really ridiculous at this point... -_-
      I definitely would not suggest this outfit. Too bad, because it's really cute. The top would look cute with some overalls, or under a jacket or zippered hoodie. But not with that skirt. *pout*
      Oh, well...

      Aaah, the cutest thing! ( 8492 cherry cutie $10)
      The top fits perfectly, and the shorts will look great with photoshoots. However, the shorts do not attach in the back, her rump and hips are too big to allow it. Would fit great on a Sharmin, etc. Comes with a really cute bag and hair bow!
      This will make for some really cute summer pictures. :)

      Next outfit, 8350 paris pretty $15, was worth the money, even if the shoes are very laughable! XD
      They look like they might make cute, cozy floor cushions. Hmmm... ;)
      So, here's the sweet little outfit!
      The necklace fits really well, the bracelet is too big (might make a cute choker on a slimmer doll, or if you have different size dolls, it'll probably fit well as a bracelet on a SD size). The clothing fits perfect, as if it were made for her! :) She can easily sit, stand, or pose with the skirt. ^^

      This looks sweet together...fits well, too.
      8566 snap front denim skirt $4
      8439 butterfly blue tank $3

      Second to last outfit! 8522 capelette cool outfit $10
      Disappointed....but this would fit great, I think, on a slimmer doll with a chest. Narae, maybe? :)
      The capelette is ADORABLE...
      However, the outfit just doesn't make it. :(
      The skirt doesn't really attach in the back at all, and the top is too snug at the top (didn't attach), but yet she doesn't really fill the little cups...I really think it would look cute on a slim doll with small breasts! ^^

      Last, but definitely not least, is this adorable ensemble! ^^
      8541 sassy schoolgirl outfit $10
      Soo cute! Fits perfect! I love the sleeves, and the top is very soft and comfy! The skirt needs to be attached on the edge of the velcro at the top, but fits fine!!

      Overall, I am very impressed! The clothes came fast (ordered December 31, shipped January 3rd (1st and 2nd were holidays in the US), and they arrived today, January 6th!), and they include a postage-paid return label with every order. Very good, since I don't want to have to pay to return something!!

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'm not selling anything (unless I said I'm not keeping it, then you're welcome to make me an offer before I return), but I thought this would be a help, since I seem to have ordered 1/4-1/3 of everything the whole store (haha), and I know I would have appreciated a real view of things before I ordered.

    3. I bought the santa hats at christmas time for my SD's and they fit perfectly

      my elysium hugo dominik wearing one and chaosravens' heath, oscar was wearing the other hat that i have.

      Also here's as F2BM outfit that i have on my Angel region girl
    4. i got my girl some of the valentine outfits. you can see them here

      i didn't put this picture in the post but the pink tear away pants dont fit all the way in the back
      its alright for photoshoots but not daily wear. they are super tight in the butt area on my ren girl.
    5. Here's me updating with lots more Friends2bmade clothes on a DOD boy and a girl.

      I currently have the girl's clothes link up and working:
      Some of the girl clothes are repeats from earlier posts, but I believe none of the boy clothes were posted before.

      Boy's clothing page up
    6. What's the waist size of CP Ani? n_n I was hoping the little skirts would fit my Yo-SD. x_x
    7. Here's my Bee-A wearing a few F2BM things... I found that the cute little Valentine's dress did NOT fit DOD Bee-A, SD Tiffee, or Serendipity Sharmin.

      That's the snowflake set...

      Blue Butterfly set...

      My Mom's Tiffee wearing the Pink Sparkles (?) set

      The Santa Sweetie dress fits well, and the Soccer set fits Bee-A too. The jeans are tight on Tiffee, but I think they do okay on AR LF Bada.
    8. I forgot what this one was, but I got it off someone from DoA.


      And I gave this dress to a friend's MSD Sakura

    9. My girl wears the black and pink pair of these, and she's a Volks MSD, so it should fit your girl :)

      Also, for the hats... have you considered cutting the top off of it and resewing it into a skirt? That's what my roomie is going to do with her hat.
    10. All of they're clothes are really great for Unoa & MNF, my Twins & Médéa have a lot of them :3

      Some pics
      Only Haya's t-shirt & pants, and Hauru's short

      Haya's shirt

      Médéa's shirt
    11. I have a F2BM hat from an outfit set that works great as a hat for my Soah- so maybe you can sell the hats to SD owners.
    12. Can anyone tell me if they fit on kid dollmore girl bodies?
    13. Not pants but shirts and skirts maybe
    14. I got the little tuxedo for my Kyo a while back. The sleeves and pants were too short but were easy to modify.
      where you see the white threads on the arms and legs is where the length actually ends on the clothes, I added the extra length with left-over fabric.

      Theyre fun clothes to modify since they're not too expencive XD
    15. Yea they fit AR great, but my volks girl can't wear them. The skirts go up way to high just to get them to close.

    16. Here are my girls in some friends2bmade clothes.The top with the short's aren't friend2bmade

      Just the skirts:daisy

    17. http://www.friends2bmade.com/shop/p...8063&Category=sets&CallingPage=ProductSummary

      I just picked up this outfit today (the Cowgirl crazy) for my MSD Maggy and the verdict is- the shirts fit wonderfully but the pants will not close in the back. :/ The hat is huge and the squishy padded boots are also big but, Ceres is able to stand upright without assistance wear them.

      I think, with the pants- they'll fit with less than a half inch more material added to the velcroed back seams. I'll add pictures as I get them.

      In the future- I definately want to take Ceres into the store with me to try on clothing.
    18. Ok, I'm glad I saw this post and visted the site because I got some cute clothes yesterday for Savannah. Pretty much everything fit very well! I liked it all except for the boho tank and skirt set (I think it is the sequins). Here are some pictures. Sorry they aren't the best; also I'm still learning how to pose these boogers and my girl is strung rather tight.

      My model is an AR LF Ami

      Ok, this is an example of my bad camera/photography skills/inability to pose the doll. The outfit is soo pretty in person. The shirt could be a bit snugger but still looks ok. The gouchos fit like a glove...like they were made for her.

      This is the outfit I didn't care for. I don't know what it was about it. The tank is a little loose but the skirt fits well.

      I love this little top. I wish I had had it for the 4th of July. It fits pretty well. The jeans are from Teen Trends (these happen to fit great too!)

      My second favorite item is this little Angel top. It just fits so well. Again, like it was made for LF's or something!

      I'll definately be buying from friends2bmade again! The prices can't be beat and the quality seems decent.
    19. I finally got around to taking pictures of the outfits I bought Dee while in Atlanta for AWA. Like a fool, when offered to try the boys clothes on Riku, I declined because I didn't want to make my friend and her mom wait longer than they already had to for me... *sigh* Anyways, here they are on my Little Fair Ami

      Sassy Schoolgirl
      Fits perfect! Although, make sure your girl has panties on. XD

      Cheery Cherry
      Perfect fit as well! Once again, panties required.

      Party Perfect
      This one is slightly too wide, but I think that adds to the cuteness of it. It can always be taken in a little, if so desired, or pinned in the back.

      2b Sweet (I believe that is what this one is called... It was a seasonal Valentine's Day dress.)
      This one is my all time favorite. It was the last one in the store and was on a display doll. It has a matching purse, but I can't figure out where I put it. x.x It fits like it was made for her! The only complaint I would have is that you have to kind of move it up on her body to cover her nipples and that makes the straps move off her shoulders, but that also means the straps do nothing. I could cut them off and it would fit just fine. x.x

      I also bought a pack of the sparkly barettes... They are beyond adorable! No pics though... x.x