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Friends2bMade, Teen Trends and other MSD fitted clothes

Dec 11, 2007

    1. I'm sorry if this has a topic already. I looked, and just couldn't find anything T^T

      Where can one get these clothes? I though maybe looking around wal-mart and target, but I can't find anything!
    2. Ebay and the market place is where I see a lot of it. Also just type it into Google and sites that hold their stock pop up. Hope this helps :3
    3. Yeah, I was trying to use the intarnets (lawlz) as a last resort. Hoping to find them in stores, but looks like I'm outta luck ^^;;;
    4. There are lots of Teen Trends clothes on Ebay, which is where I bought the ones I have. Friends 2 B Made has it's own website where you can purchase their clothes...it's http://www.friends2bmade.com.
    5. So, just to make sure before I order anything..... what type of mini do they usually fit? Less or more mature? I want to get some of the sleepwear and dresses ^^
    6. i find random teen trends clothes at Tuesdays Mornings. Freinds2bmade clothes can either be purchased online...just google it...or at some Build a bear workshops. but not all of them carry them. at least all the ones ive been to in florida dont.
    7. Wah~ I will have to check out Tuesday Morning on my way home from work tomorrow!

      Thanks for the tips everyone! *hugs*
    8. Today we found out that some Webkinz tops will fit MSDs with some pinning (good enough for photoshoots, anyway). You can find them at Hallmark, most toy stores, and even some dollar stores.
    9. *writes these down* Thanks! ^_^
    10. I think Teen Trends may be discontinued now... I haven't seen them in a toy store in ages (aside from one doll on a discount sales shelf), though I live in Australia so it could just be here. I've seen quite a few sets for sale on eBay, but the older ones seem to pop up much less frequently. Sometimes you'll see them or items from the outfits for sale on the marketplace here as well.

      Friends2BeMade I just ordered from their website. ^^; The shipping was expensive since it was international but I ordered enough items that they still worked out to be cheap individually.
    11. Friends2BMade "Friends" clothes are made for that company's "Friends" rag dolls. The tops, dresses, and skirts fit many 1/4 BJD's (slim minis and MSD's). Some pieces fit loose, some fit tight, some don't fit at all. The slacks and shorts fit some 1/4 BJD's and are too tight on many others. Slacks and sleeves are usually shorter on a BJD. Shoes and headgear fit nobody. Here is a post with links to the store, database of fit, and the giant thread about these clothes:

      Teen Trends are clothes made for the vinyl Teen Trends dolls by Mattel. I don't think these dolls are made anymore. Find the clothes in discount outlets and on Ebay. Many pieces of these clothes fit slim mature minis. The shoes seem to fit a slim 5.0-5.2cm foot. I could not get the very tight jeans on my slim mini.

      MSD-fitted clothes - what do you mean? Do you mean clothes specifically made for MSD's? You will not find them at normal toy stores. There are two basic size groups for 1/4 BJD clothes:

      1. "MSD" usually refers to an immature or slightly mature body that does not have a very slim waist.

      2. Slim mature mini or Unoa/Narae size is for a mature body - the females have breasts and slim waists (example measurements 17-13-19 cm would be a slim mature mini)

      Boys are tougher to categorize but MSD immature boys usually have a chest size not much larger than their waist size, and mature boys have more teen-shaped bodies with a slimmer waist and wider chest. In additions some boys are very tall or special "long-legged" versions that need very long slacks.

      In general, you can buy clothing that will definitely fit from the company that sells the BJD, and clothing that will probably fit from companies that sell minis with measurements similar to yours.

      For seamstress clothes, there is a thread with links to clothes that fit Narae and Narin. Narin clothes may fit very slim males, and Narae clothes fit Unoa and many slim mature mini girls with similar measurements.

      Narin and Narae's measurements are on the right here:

      For other minis, read all of the threads about your mini because owners will often mention clothes that fit or other minis whose clothes are compatible. Also check the Marketplace and Ebay. In the marketplace clothes section search for MSD like this: MSD* (the * lets you search for a word less than 4-letters on DoA). On Ebay the immature mini BJD clothes are usually called MSD or mini dollfie or 40cm. For mature clothes try searching the marketplace clothes section for: narae or unoa (or for the type of mature mini you own if stores/shops sell clothes made specifically for them). To find mature mini clothes on Ebay you could try (unoa,narae,43cm).

      For shoes - it depends on the length and width of your doll's feet, not the maturity of the doll. For wigs it depends on the size of your doll's head.

    12. And if you are fortunate Like some of us are, You'll find them at your local Mattel outlet store. I was shopping in there the Friday after Thanksgiving and saw a cute little pajama set with accessories. It was about $4. I didn't pick it up because my boy isn't a cross dresser, and the pants legs aren't long enough for my AOD.
    13. I mean fitted like, weren't made for them, but they fit anyways ^^; I should have phrased that better. My fault ^_~*
    14. If you have a slim Mini girl like Narae or Unoa another girl as slim as them, she may fit in some Tonner clothes (sweaters, some dresses, not slacks) - I have seen a Tonner Wizard of Oz outfit on Unoa and Tonner lingerie on Narae. Ellowyne Wilde clothes seem to fit Unoa and maybe Narae too. Some Franklin Mint fits Narae and Unoa. I have even seen Narae in the pirate coat and vest from a 12-inch Pirates of the Caribbean action figure that had a very wide and muscular chest like a weightlifter.

      But even Unoa and Narae are larger than those vinyl dolls.

      Here are the measurements of many of the larger fashion dolls.

      Narae's torso measurements in inches are 6.69-5.2-7.48 so Narae's bust is smaller than Tyler's but her waist and hips are larger. And obviously BJD hands and arms are usually much wider than those of vinyl fashion dolls so tight-sleeved items will not work. A mini with measurements the same or less than Narae may fit in the type of things Narae fits in.

      One other source for clothes are the clothes off cheap porcelain dolls. Amazingly the clothes from 12-inch porcelain dolls fit Narae best because the porcelain dolls are so stocky. But any long dresses become shorter below-the-knee dresses.

    15. Teen Trends was discontinued as of 2005 in favor of the Bratz dolls, I believe. I've only ever found them on ebay, but I am Canadian and we're kinda backwater for finding stuff sometimes. Or at least my city is.

      Some of the pants for the Friends bears don't fit MSDs, even the skinny ones. The crotch curve was far too high to get the pants done up on my DM or my Mythdoll.
    16. Friends aren't bears - they are 14-inch skinny rag dolls (mostly girls). The company is a part of Build-A-Bear but has its own website http://www.friends2bmade.com/ though some physical Build-A-Bear stores also carry some Friends clothes and might let you try them on your doll. The slacks fit few minis (mostly short-legged dolls whose hips are not too big). The skirts hang at the hips of many minis and on slim matures any non-stretch wide waistbands may gap at the top. The stretch tops fit most minis one way or another (loose or tight). The robes are really cute. Tops with small defined bust areas are often padded and fit flat-chested minis better. Dresses with waistbands tend to be shortwaisted on a mini, straps may also be short, and sleeves are shorter on a mini than on a Friends doll. Dresses can be short but some waistless ones look cute over stretch capris. Most tops, skirt, and maybe dresses have Velcro all the way down the back.

    17. Well, based on the Matt Toner items I managed to obtain, I think they fit my DOC Tender Yen well! Most of the time, I find Luts/Dollmore clothings to be so loose fitting on my DOC but Matt Toner items are so well fitting, then again, it might be because my DOC is of the old boy body, 43cm so the pants length is just alright.

      Personally, Friends2bmade is really a godsend to CP Minifee owners like me. Most of the dresses and tops are very much fitting on my MNF gal, I haven venture into the pants yet but I think the skirts are alright, albeit a bit of minor adjustments.
    18. Take your dolls into the Build-A-Bear store! The first time I did it (with satoru), the employees fell all over our dollies and kept bringing things to me to try on my mini ('toru has SDs), and mentioning "You know, we have this line called Friends2BMade, I bet they'd fit your doll...we can order in things for you if you bring in a list since we don't have any here..." The bear accessories fit minis really well...I'm planning to get my gang a motorcycle from them at some point *grin*
    19. Oooh... I went to the build-a-bear store locally and they didn't carry F2bM stuff, but I didn't think to look at the accessories for the bears. Good Tip! :)
    20. Friends2BMade can ship internationally but I head they charge alot for it (not sure what they charge for Canada). But sometimes someone in the US puts together a group order (or a trip to a store to buy for a group) in the Marketplace. When they do that, it is often mentioned int he big Friends2BMade thread I linked to somewhere above.