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from B&G

Aug 16, 2010

    1. Looks like B&G will be releasing new dolls in September.

    2. Discussion thread here.
    3. Dears,

      B&G Dolls' Old World dolls are on sale now~
      The 1st ~ 10th costoms who order one of old world dolls will get the special wig(as the same type as the image) as free gift.


      * gray elf is as tall as other B&G 1/3 size doll (62cm)~
      *Old World dolls will be launched as human type in B&G Dolls website (then, you can order them with girl body or boy body).

      Any other questions feel free to pm me.

    4. I've been in contact with the Ebay seller - the outfits & accessories are available separately! I may be reading the email sent to me wrong, but it looks like you can choose which bits you want :)
    5. Is the vampire doll in the photos also going to be offered?
    6. He is actually not a Vampire but a Drow Elf, and yes, he is available from B&G.
    7. I think they were referring to the vampire photo on their site
    8. Yes- that's the vampire I meant, she isn't up on the ite and I wa wondering if she will be available.
    9. I asked b and g when the blonde haired doll would be available, the boy elf, and they said that the other dolls would be released next month, so maybe next month for the vampire also ^^
    10. Good news!!!!!

      Any offical website order can be given a random B&G doll head for free~
    11. Will the elves still have pointy ears or will they be completely human?
    12. Some of them will be released as human, some of them will not be launched anymore.