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Frustrations on deciding which doll is coming home!

Jun 25, 2016

    1. Hey all!
      I'm umming and ahhing over a new doll! Aren't we always doing that?! :lol:
      The thing with the doll I'm currently mooning over (a Soul Doll Bonnie) is I can't think of a character for her. She's stunning but she's just not lighting up my imagination like my other dolls have.
      I know there are really no rules to the bjd hobby, more or less anything goes! BUT I feel bad thinking of bringing home a new doll just because she's pretty!
      I found myself wondering if anybody else has little rules like that when thinking of buying a new doll?
      To me, a doll needs to fit a character to be allowed though my door!
      With this one I can't even think of an original name, I was running through names and nothing would stick to her - its exasperating!
      I keep coming back to her pictures though and I have a feeling she's going to end up on my shelf, character or no character. :blush
    2. Hm, well I think that while many people prefer to use dolls to shell existing characters of theirs (or fan characters) many other people create characters for the dolls they think are lovely enough to bring home. I've done the latter with most all my dolls and it's just what works best for me. When you look at the doll does she inspire you to make a new character? For me, buying a new doll is like meeting a new person. I don't know anything about them at first except that I want to get to know them better. :daisy
    3. For me, characters come after I buy the doll. My rule is, I really have to feel strongly about the doll. Very strongly. Sleepless strongly. Honestly, there are dolls I thought I really wanted, but months later, I barely remember it.
    4. That is just the loveliest sentence! I'd never though of it like that! :whee:
      I don't know if she inspires a new character but I do get very definite feelings from her. I was trying to think of names for her and she wouldn't let me change from Bonnie, she's definitely stubborn and determined but she also seems sweet at the same time. I don't get a whole new person from her but I definitely get "vibes" :lol:
    5. Very good advice! :thumbup
      There's definitely something there, I think waiting it out is probably a good idea! Impulse buying and expensive things do not mix!
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    6. Those vibes are what I used to begin all of my characters. :whee:Sometimes I just leave a doll out naked and look at them until I get feelings about them -- I say that they are "speaking to me" and telling me about themselves. Then I simply help them be the person they expressed to me. This is the way I've found such love for dolls but it's not for everyone I'm sure. Still, if you find you can enjoy creating a character like that sometimes then it's an easy way to let new beautiful dolls into your life.

      ** I also wait an extremely long time before purchasing a new doll. I like to have plenty of time to mull them over.
    7. I recently bought a floating head purely because I liked the sculpt as well as the face-up. A few days after he came home a character, personality and name just sort of clicked. The lesson is if you like it go ahead and get, and have fun :)
    8. You write such lovely things! :whee:
      I do find that once a new resin buddy is home, I find out more about them and the character I had originally, doesn't necessarily change but, expands more than I thought it would!
      I suppose this is the same as before, I just know a lot(a lot, a lot) less than usual which has me slightly nervous :shudder
    9. The floating head idea has always intrigued me! How are you going about finding a body? :)
      Agreed, very good lesson! :3nodding:
    10. I just thought what body would best suit his character. He is bouncy and has a party mentality, but he has a darker history (related to being a foster child). With his past and present information gathered I decided I needed a longer, but very slim almost sickly body type, which has now led me to getting him a Doll Chateau Y Body 02. It just seems to suit his life style and reflect decisions he has made for himself.
    11. Oh my gosh, I love the DC bodies! :D I have a DC Bella on K Body 01 and a DC Faust on B Body 01. Weirdly enough, their bodies are also influenced by their character, they both started off as the human embodiment of fairy tale items! The DC Bella is Sleeping Beauty's spindle and the DC Faust is loosely based on Mrs Potts, the teapot, from Beauty and the Beast :whee:
      They started as just fairy tale inspired but on bringing them home, they changed a tiny bit :)
    12. Oh wow those are awesome character ideas I can see how the DC bodies help depict that, they look like they walked straight out of a Grimm's fairy tale book.
    13. Thank you! They really do, don't they?! :lol:
      DC is definitely one of my top BJD companies, the dolls are weird but I like them :dance
    14. Thank you @loujayjacks :whee:
      Oh, the floating heads! Hybrid making can save you a lot of money or yield you very wonderful dolls but it sure can be frustrating as well! Sometimes it takes me years to finally get a floating head in use.