Fulled Heaven x Sealed Heaven R.Dean

Jul 3, 2020

    1. I am very excited to have received a grey FHSH Rei, he is gorgeous, and it has been interesting to try him on other bodies since i do not have any EID size, or Soom bodies as of yet. I think he may work out pretty well on a DZ-70cm body though. The grey has more purple tones, so if i go with the Sexta torso I will need to blush for match.
      ^^^ Fulled Heaven x Sealed Heaven, R.Dean's "Rei" on DZ 70cm torso --flickr

      ^^^ FHSH R.Dean's "Rei" with DC "sexta" torso. --flickr

      i hope others will share their boys and their visions for styling as well.
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    2. I ordered a Tian in tawny, so I'm looking forward to having to deal with finding him a body. lol
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    3. i think the universe bodies might also work for proportions, maybe IOS 70cm, or 5th Motif timeless might be the other possibilities. haven't had time to get those out and try them yet. it will be a while before i receive a Dollshe 28M body to try, but that was another idea i had.
    4. He looks great! I ordered a Tian in Grey and the body hunt will be interesting. I was thinking about getting a Granado body for him, but the grey skin they offer looks more purple tinted. Otherwise I would just like an EID body. The hard part about finding a body seems to be the girth of the neck. I really don't want a floppy neck or to have to modify a body.

      ~I just found out Granado offers resin matching if you send them a sample for $80-$100 more, so that body might be real possibility :3nodding:
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    5. I just got email from R.Dean verifying my address was still correct, and stating that Tian should be shipping within two weeks.
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    6. ooooo! i can't wait to see what he's like in person too! <3

      I managed to nab a NS version of Rei, so i have Rei and grey ghost Rei now :lol:
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    7. I got notice that my head shipped. Now to completely forget about.

      Also, it looks like her new head Chi, is going on sale in September.
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    8. I just got my Tian yesterday, and I absolutely adore him! I think he looks better in person, so I know he's a keeper. I'm really interested in her new head too.
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    9. @Tikalhammy Congrats on your arrival! My Tian head is unfortunately still in customs.
    10. Thank you! I hope you get your head soon too. I'm excited to see how the sculpt looks in tawny.
    11. he is really beautiful :3nodding: the blank looks fantastic!
      i wound up with two of Rei, one in grey and one in NS, so i didn't get Tian this time...
      i am looking at maybe seeing if i can get a grey Universe Doll body that would match well with Rei.
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    12. oh yeah! that is a really nice body - the style is very proportional while still being a very big frame. too bad no grey :(
      i really liked him on the DZ B70-004, but their grey is yellow/green and he's more purple gray.
      I should do some pics of them together.

      i sort of thought the tawny was like Soom's but i know their batches can vary wildly...
      i'm also trying to match a Naiko in tawny it's tough :sweat
    13. Yeah, I've seen some Soom tawny that just looked like a dark normal color, and some that looked more tan. Sooms resin colors in general tend to be all over the place though.
    14. the IOS 70cm looked pretty good, NS to NS was even pretty decent in bright light, though in subdued light, Rei looks a bit darker, pinker than the body. there was minimal gap at the neck, and the default hands on that body are proportional. I test it by putting the heel of the hand at the chin and the index/middle fingers should touch a bit above the eyebrows above the nose. though a slimmer hand can be longer and still look ok. it is very dark and weird colour skies today or i'd take some pics, so maybe next week if i can get out the studio lights. they are a bit buried...

      But, this gives me a bit of hope, maybe the new grey from IOS will work, but i don't know if anyone has ever gotten grey from IOS before to see comparisons... time to go wear out the search function :lol:
    15. I'm also excited to get a white FHSH Tian, it's gorgeous .. I think the TD-75cm body can work pretty well. What do you think?

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    16. I somehow stopped getting notices for this thread!
      @ErikNiceBerg - sadly the photo link is not working?

      i just ordered the Rei v2.0... there is just something about Rei for me. so beautiful.
      So now i have the twins 1.0, and now a little brother on the way :lol:
    17. New Rei is gorgeous. I wonder if she’ll release the Old Rei again. I like the teeth!
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    18. @ErikNiceBerg OOOOO! what a gorgeous face up for your Tian! i guess we need to search out in the wild to see if anyone has the TD body with one of her heads...

      @Chikku - i like the teeth too, and Rei 1.0 is so much larger. i wonder what the intent was for Rei 2.0 to be a smaller head, but same neck. i wonder if he might look ok on the Dollshe 28M since they have smaller proportion heads

      i really want to see Chi & Jei with owner photos too :thumbup
    19. Agreed! I'd like to see the new Rei in proportion to the whole ID75 body in her pictures. It seems like such a big difference. I have the old Rei head and I wonder what the difference looks like next to each other, on similar bodies with wigs and faceups. Old Rei really looks a lot bigger than New Rei!

      I also would like to see more FSHS sculpts in general! I guess they're still pretty new brand. She mentioned she was thinking of doing a sleepy eyed Tian, so that would be super interesting.
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