Fullset not as expected? How do you handle it?

Jun 1, 2020

    1. I've had conflicting feelings with a fullset I got and was curious about how others approach Fullsets that came in not like expecting or with damages.

      Storytime as to what happened with me:
      I'd ordered a fullset back in June and I still adore everything about the design, but when they came in last month, there were some minor things like the outfit had some sewing errors and some of the material came damaged plus the wig was too small. they weren't anything I couldn't fix and I was planning to make a wig anyway so just shrugged it off.

      The faceup details, however, seemed much lighter and with less details than in any of the photos. I figured I could just use lighting to help get some color to pop and probably photoshop contrast boost or something. photoshopping and lighting was not helpful with the missing details. The details are just too pale for my camera to pick up on.

      I really do enjoy the features but I know I don't have the materials or the skills to match what's there. I'm torn cause do I wipe off a faceup that was $60 and start over, or do I just leave it be and adapt myself? been struggling with that for last month now xDD the whole thing's got me nervous for the fullset I've got on order now from the same company this one was from.

      What other people's experiences are with this kinda thing is?

      (also I hope general is an okay place to post this >w< I'm really just curious about other peoples experiences with this kinda thing)
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    2. What about updating the already existing faceup? That's what I would decide for, most probably. I absolutely understand you don't want to clean the faceup off. I wouldn't want to, too.

      I don't have many experiences with fullsets, in fact. I have only one, a special doll. Unfortunately, he was available only as a fullset, I got it just for the doll, so I knew in advance, the accessories wouldn' be very useful for me. But the quality was great.
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    3. I smell DC for the face up errors and the cost.

      There is only one way to handle this: complaining till you die. I did the same when DC sent me a Margarita with a face up that was barely visible (60$ for that? No way dude); I got my money back but I saw other Margarita with that same stupid face up. So, I guess people like wasting money.

      Never let companies have a free pass on defects on expensive (or not doesn't matter) fullsets. You have to call them out on their behaviour. Contact them or the agent, show them the broken parts and the face up and if they refuse to do anything, it's time to see what you can do through pp.
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    4. I only have gotten two full set dolls. They were both Dollzone, but years apart in the making.

      On the oldest doll, the wig of the first one was in badly need of a trim, but other then that she was fine, the clothing was amazing and a lot of detail went into her dress and her accessories, it was well sewn, the seams were reinforced, she had been a store display from Mint On Card, I don't know if they had fixed the full set up in anyway.

      The second I got from DDE, it was missing the certificate, and I will never see that, so it was disappointing. The pants, I had to wash many times before they stopped staining the water black, the shirt had finger holes in the sleeves not cut like the picture, and I had to add a couple finger holes to match, the wig, was the worse, a sparse rats nest, if the front is not combed right, even a smidgen, you get a whole eye full of wig cap. The clothes are like thin scraps of material. The uneven cut is meant for the design, but even the sewn parts look a bit ratty and the material is extremely thin. I don't usually want full sets, but everything about the doll and the company pictures made me want this one. While I am happy with the doll, and his face matches the pictures exactly, I was very disappointed in the clothing, and the missing certificate.

      I don't think I want anymore full sets, unless I can see them in person, or it is a really good sale.
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    5. While not a fullset, I was extremely disappointed in the faceups of two of my dolls in the past. From the company photos they looked perfect for what I wanted and I waited anxiously for them, only to receive two dolls with very different faceups from what I was expecting. They had huge painted eyelashes that I loathed and just overall weren't anywhere near as delicate as they should be. The company refused to do anything about it as they said it's just normal variation from one faceup to another, though they eventually refunded me for one of them when part of it bled out on a particularly humid day. Guess they forgot to seal the last layer.

      Anyway, try as I might I couldn't for the life of me like their faces. It got so bad that I couldn't look at any of my dolls for weeks without feeling awful about it, so even though I felt bad wiping a $60 faceup (each), I simply had no choice. I ended up doing my very first faceups on these two and honestly? No regrets. My skills aren't anywhere near a professional's but I love them infinitely more now.

      I do think you should complain to the company about the overall quality of the fullset. If people keep letting it slide, companies will just keep doing these things. Maybe you'll get a partial refund, maybe you won't, but I think you should make yourself heard regardless. Whatever happens, I hope you can find enjoyment in your doll!
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    6. Complain! If it doesn’t look anything like the company photos I wouldn’t put up with it.
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    7. I have been struggling with updating it but the way I do faceups is terribly different cause I can't use msc so the fixative layers wouldn't match at all and I would still need to redo the entire faceup and body blushing (cause the colors in the face don't match the body)

      Was DZ tho I think the two companies have some cross over from what I've seen around? (I could be very wrong about that tho) tho kinda nice to know that is a DC problem too cause I've had my eye on some of the fullsets from them >.>;;; ultimately probably not going to be getting dolls with faceups for a while after this cause the more I try to get over it, the more bummed I get xD

      I did also send an email out just a bit ago after reading other people's comments.
    8. @VentisetteStars DZ and DC are indeed sister companies.
      The outfit I got was perfect, but that was long ago; apparently now they suck with outfits as well? Good to know.
    9. Hmmm, I got a full set doll from DC. The company images were amazing, but upon arrival, the wig, clothing and face up were very, very poor quality. I like the sculpt, but that is about it. Oh, and the eyes she came with were not very nice either. I probably should have complained, but learned an expensive lesson. I will not make the mistake again.Do the research. Don’t just fall for a pretty face.
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    10. @Demiurgo ultimately the outfit is still super cool, after I fixed it up, and didn't have any problems with the yosds I'd ordered from them. was just the entirety of the one set (which annoyingly was the most expensive of the ones I ordered xD)

      I'll find out for sure tho in a few months cause I still got one more fullset from them on order >w<);;; tho it will probably be the last time ordering a full set from them, I'll probably still order blank dolls from them cause I really enjoy the sculpts.

      @Baktu I feel you there >< at the time I ordered from them I hadn't been able to find anything bad about dz other than their waittime was a bit long, it seems like only the last 4 months or so that quality has been down (curious if it has something to do with their move that I was hearing about but that's not an excuse)
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    11. With all those problems I would be complaining to the company and looking for at least partial refund! I understand being disappointed. I got a DC Barbara it took about a year and she's missing a finger. The dealer says she had it when they inspected it, but it's no where I can find it. Also DC sent her in a huge box so I'm sure she was tumbling around the whole time in shipping, lucky she wasn't broken. But I am so put off by everything I don't think I will buy new DC dolls ever again.
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    12. @shadow_takatori I heard Dc won't refund face ups anymore. I GUESS too many requests? XD
      But seriously they it's not people's fault if DC shows a face up and in reality it turns out to be something completely different.

      @VentisetteStars Yeah, same. If and when Dc releases something I like, I will buy only it blank.
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    13. I feel for you as just had a fullset issue with Doll Zone, I got a Frimaire and where as his face up is wonderful, the outfit was so so, as his pants are bit too tight, and the scarf and top have unfinished edges. His wig had what I can only call split ends, and too much hair spray. Then there is his body blushing, which I feel baited an switched on all the pix from DZ showed my boy with Egyptian gold and teal paint on his body blushing, my tan boy just has this dark redish orange over done blushing. (It's dark enough I debate removing it.) His bonus cat head didn't have it's face up at all, which to me was the one part that ticked me off the most as I paid extra there. I poked BJDivas about it they were super nice and I got the cost of the cat's face up refunded to me. The rest I can live with or fix myself. But I'm never ordering full sets from DZ again. They have gone down hill since I got my Virgil full set, many years ago through MoC.

      I've had wonderful fullsets from Iplehouse, and Ringdoll so some places full sets are worth it and well made. (Also my outfit from loongsoul was well done.) So I'd say before giving up fully on full sets maybe take company and feed back into count before the next. And with this one of your's see if you can't get some level of a refund for the poorly done face up, and outfit.
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    14. Wow. Hi everyone. I had no idea full sets could be so troublesome. You probably have saved me a lot of grief. I am new to DOA. I am getting my Iplehouse girl in a day or so, and will post pics of her outfits. Then you guys can comment!
    15. I’ve only ever ordered one full set and I didn’t like it. It was a Ringdoll Shao and the faceup was much lighter and kind of based in greys and orange?? The clothes and accessories were good, at least. I ended up wiping the faceup and repainting him myself. I haven’t bought another full set since.
    16. As others have said, it varies from company to company, so I'd recommend asking in the specific discussion threads for companies that you're interested in if you're worried about ordering something in particular. ^_^ Most of the clothing I've bought from Iplehouse has been excellent quality, but I do recall hearing the occasional complaint about pieces being a little too tight over the years (particularly a few of the early pants for SIDs).
    17. I have ordered a fullset from DollZone ._. I have seen an unboxing video of that very fullset so I figured I had a pretty good idea of what I would be getting, but we'll see. I generally tried to look up a lot of pictures and videos beforehand, but I'm still worried.
    18. I got (and recently sold) a DZ Mini Kitty fullset and all of the painting was amazing and super cute, they even allowed a small request I made for the faceup! So the faceup and body blushing was all perfect. My problem with her was that the wig and outfit both fit so poorly... they were nice quality, cute, and accurate to pics, but they were just kinda big and awkward on her... I guess it's probably pretty hard to make wigs and clothes for that slim tiny size but yeah, it contributed to making her kinda hard to handle and bond with :(
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    19. I bought a fullset pukifee Judd from Fairytale and everything was perfect except the wig. It was shorter than in the picture and not fully colored, the top was red but the hair tips were colorless, really ugly. I tried to color the wig in black tea but it didn’t working. So I just bought a new wig to my liking, I had no desire to deal with the company over a (for me) minor fault. But an ugly wig is easy to replace. If something were defect or missing, I would complain to the company too.
    20. Oh no! It's so disappointing (but very helpful) to hear about all the negative experiences people have had with DZ fullsets. I currently have a DZ fullset on order that I am ridiculously excited about, so it sounds like I should probably adjust my expectations - thankfully I am madly in love with the sculpt, so I'm sure I will adore him no matter what. Grateful to everyone who has shared their experiences, this info definitely helps others make more well-informed decisions moving forward.