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Fullset outfit not available until...? Still order? Or wait? Anyone seen this before?

Jul 30, 2010

    1. I hope this is an okay question to ask and that this the right place for this. If it's not, please move to the best place or close.

      So, I desperately want a Souldoll Shiva with the four arms.


      I noticed on their web site that it states:

      I have never seen this before on any fullset doll before.

      I hesitate to buy her when the outfit that I know will fit her because it's specifically made for her is seemingly unavailable for an undetermined amount of time.

      Now I'm torn.

      She's not limited so there's not really any hurry and it certainly wouldn't hurt me to wait to get her since she's $$$$$ and it'd give me time to save rather than do layaway, but neither do I want to keep checking in every week forever to see when the outfit is available again (if it ever is). But, then I'll get her and have no tops that work for her, so that creates a dilemma, too. Plus, I just really, really like the outfit and think it's perfect for her--I couldn't imagine putting her in anything else!

      Advice? Thoughts? Would you still order her? Has anyone seen this before on other dolls? Has anyone ordered a Shiva since this announcement was made? Does anyone already own one who can tell me what options I might have for clothing (maybe a toga?)?
    2. You know what might work for a top -- those shirts that have no sleeves, are mostly open at the back and tie around the neck. I don't know what they're called specifically, or if my description made any sense. I've seen human versions sold places before, however, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if there were doll sized ones floating around too.
    3. Have you asked Souldoll when they expect to have the outfit back in stock?

      In my experience, if they are unable to make anymore of the outfit (as is the case with Chiron centaur), they come right out and say it. Souldoll is usually pretty good about expected dates. :)
    4. Taco, I hadn't thought of those shirts and I know exactly what you're talking about (like you, I have no idea what they're called, although something about kerchiefs comes to mind? Like a kerchief shirt?)! That could definitely be a good option--I forgot about those! Then, maybe I could have an outfit similar to the one that she should have had custom-made (when I can afford it after buying her, LOL).

      I suppose she could just go topless, but I'm less worried about indecent exposure and more worried about her blushing and stuff not beign protected, which the little kerchief shirt could do!
    5. Shiva you have to put on layaway regardless of if you have the money ready or not, so that part doesnt really matter.
      I guess it depends on how much you like the outfit? She can still wear strapless tops/dresses, or halter tops like Taco is explaining, the only issue is if you want to cover her shoulders or not.
    6. Hi! I guess I thought that if they had an expected date they might have included it in their announcement! But, I suppose emailing them to see if they know would be good! Maybe they will have a date!
    7. Well, I really like her outfit. >_< So, I really kind of wanted it! I wasn't expecting to dress her in anything else since the outfit goes with her so well.
    8. I would wait till they got it again - that is one fabulous outfit!

      But if you don't feel like waiting, just go for tops that're open on the sides. I have two Lotus Nears (with 8 arms each!)-- they can wear wide-armholed vests, aprons, halters that tie in the back, & open-sided pinafore/smock things that lace closed on the sides. Long-sleeved turtlenecks are right out. XD
    9. Isn't it amazing?? I emailed in case they know when they might have it! If they don't know, I may just order her without it.

      Wow, I am jealous of your Lotus Nears! :D I actually want to get one someday as a companion for Shiva, but I know it'll be hard to do because they're hard to get and I think she only makes a few (I am still learning about them)! Good idea re: the aprons and halters, and the pinafores/smocks would be cute! Do you have any pictures of your Lotus Nears in such outfits so I can get an idea of how they look and would work?
    10. Then if you like how she looks as a fullset, I think you should wait. Perhaps send souldoll a message asking if they have an idea of when the clothes might be back in stock?
    11. Definitely wait if you want the fullset :) She is a treasure, her outfit is superb. If you know you will want to spend the money on it bide your time!
    12. You guys are probably right about waiting. I'd hate to get her and then not bond with her because she doesn't have her outfit!
    13. You guys makes sense! ^_^ I should definitely wait--she is quite superb and then her outfit makes her even more so! It's so hard to wait but I think you're right that it's better that I do so I get the doll I want!
    14. I want shiva too LOL

      and I think the top you were talking about is called a Halter.
    15. I think both a halter and a kerchief top could work (they are slightly different versions of the same concept--kerchief tops are way skimpier)!

      I hope you can get a Shiva someday! I was so relieved when I went to the stop and saw that she is NOT limited! :D
    16. For those interested, I heard back from Souldoll:

      Looks like they don't really expect to have it in stock again and will have more news in two weeks?

      So, I'll probably end up just getting her and then either posting a WTB thread re: the outfit or just commissioning one similar to her default one. *sigh*
    17. Thanks for posting this. I've been eying Shiva for a long time, and I noticed the outfit was gone as well. Luckily for me I wasn't really that sold on it anyways. I liked everything but the collar tho, and probably would have bought it was it available. Now I just need to start saving lol.
    18. Perhaps they would be willing to let you purchase the outfit at a later time (if they find the material to make more) since you would have to purchase the doll now when the outfit was not available? It might be worth asking.
      Good luck! ^_^
    19. See, and I adore the outfit and think it's so perfect for her. I am going to wait two weeks to see if they find more and if they don't, ah well. I will likely just go ahead with purchasing her (also when I have saved, LOL) and just find someone to custom-make me an outfit that's suitable. Or, maybe I can find some drapey fabric to make her something like a toga in the time being. I really wish I sewed at times like this!

      I considered asking that, but I think that concept would be too difficult to convey across the language barrier. And, from what I gathered from the note they sent me, I think they are expecting to not have this outfit available again, due to the cloth shortage.