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Apr 10, 2017

    1. The principle is simple. I decided to propose a little bit crazy event! During this week, you can choose in the list below, the doll and the color of your choice. And it with a possibility of payment several times quite soft! From 60 euros only.


      The price of the dolls availables : Price (the shipping cost is in more)
      Prix des dolls disponibles ( les frais de port sont en plus)

      Little Cornue : 340 euros
      Cornélia : 340 euros
      Baby Nyx : 380 euros
      Noctabylis : 380 euros
      Nyx normal : 440 euros

      Les prix ne changent pas quelque soit la couleur
      The prices are the same for all the colors

      Pour les têtes/ for the heads :
      Nyx horns : 40 euros
      Nyx faceplate : 50 euros
      Nyx headcap : 40 euros
      The full head and horns : 120 euros

      Baby Nyx head : tête de Baby Nyx
      cornes/horns : 40 euros
      faceplate : 50 euros
      headcap : 40 euros
      full head with horns : 120 euros

      Possibilité de payer en toutes petites mensualités, à partir de 60 euros par mois. Par contre, les paiements effectués ne sont pas remboursés. J'envoie la doll ou la tête une fois le dernier paiement effectué. :)

      Possibility of paying in any small monthly payments, from 60 euros a month. The made payments are not paid off. I send the doll or the head once the last made payment.

      Les couleurs disponibles. The colors availables:
      Marron/ brown
      vert pomme/ green
      Normal skin

      Pour commander, envoyer moi un mail à : [email protected]

      To place an order, mail me at : [email protected]
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    2. oh, so tempted... do you have example photos of the resin colours?
    3. Yes yes yes. you can see the purple : [​IMG]

      the brown :


      The normal skin :

      the grey :

      And the light green :)

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    4. Thank you, that's very helpful! Could I also ask: what are the circumferences of the heads and necks?
    5. I would like to know Nyx's neck measurement?
    6. Phragmosis : The size of the holes of the heads and the circumferences of the necks :

      Nyx: diameter of the hole of the head : 1,6 cm
      circumference of the neck : 5,3 cm

      Noctabylis : diameter of the hole of the head : 1,3 cm
      circumference of the neck : 4,2 cm

      Cornélia : diameter of the hole of the head : 1,1 cm
      circumference of the neck : 3cm

      Little Cornue : diameter of the hole of the head : 1,1 cm
      circumference of the neck : 3 cm

      Baby Nyx : diameter of the hole of the head : 1,4 cm
      circumference of the neck : 4 cm

      Mrs Diablo : the circumference Nyx'x neck is 5,3 cm and the diameter of the hole of the head of Nyx is :1,6 cm
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