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Funeral for a Doll

Oct 2, 2009

    1. :(

      It's pretty hard to imagine breaking a doll beyond repair, but hey, it could happen. Has an accident ever befallen your doll of which your doll did not recover and you had to discard of it? What happened and what did you do? Have you ever come close to losing your doll forever?
    2. we have had some pretty close calls around here...ie, dropping...but luckily the dolls were caught right before impact and fell on something soft, and nothing has happed yet, knock wood. i could not imagine how i would feel if one of my dolls broke. i would be devastated!
    3. Wow, it would be so sad if your doll broke! How would a BJD doll break beyond repair though? Hm... I guess if you dropped the doll from a really high place, perhaps then the doll would be completely destroyed from the impact? Or maybe burning it? Though I can't think of any way you can accidentally burn a BJD or drop a BJD from a high enough place... unless you accidentally knocked it over or it fell down from someplace? :( It's so sad to think about...
    4. That is a very sad thought.... If my whole doll were damaged beyond repair i would probably put him/her in a box and keep the 'remains' if you will, for it's hard for me to throw away something you out a lot of time, emotion and thought into in such a callous manner. way But if it were just the body that got damaged and the head were still intact, it would't be so bad, i'd just get another body to replace the old one.

    5. Yea I guess one of the great things about BJD's is how interchangeable they are, unless it were some ferocious fall the can basically be reconstructed back to their old/new and improved self.
    6. We dont usually think about this kind of thing, and most the time they are able to be repaired or a new part is able to be bought.

      However I have a story about a doll that I had bought, but never got. Iv posted it somewhere else before, but I will post it here also.

      In early 2007 I had ordered a kid delf cherry boy from luts. I waited the normal wait for him. On the day he was to be delivered there was no knock on my appartment door.. I figured I had slept in and missed the delivery guy, but there was no yellow slip.. so I guessed that he was a day late or something.. I didnt think any more on it. The next morning I checked the tracking, and there was a strange name. I didnt recognize it, and paniced, then called the post office about it. At first the woman told me that someone who claimed to know me had taken it. She told me she could get a hold of the delivery guy and find out more and call me back. She did a few minutes later and told me the guy was coming to help figure out where my doll had gone. Well, the delivery guy showed up, and he said he thought he knew who he had given my package to, so we headed up stairs. Above me lives an old hag of an oriental woman, who doesnt speak any english, and she doesnt read it either.. The delivery guy had given the package to her, and we learned through the woman's translator that she had THROWN IT AWAY... x.x... It hit me like a brick and I was just in shock. She threw my doll away into the trash compactor, and the trash compactor gets emptied daily.. so my doll was gone..

      I did get re-embursed by the post office, got all my money back from them, and the mail guy was black listed and fired for doing something so stupid..I say he was stupid, which is an understatment, because his reasoning for giving my package to the lady was "well.. it was a box from korea... and she was a korean lady.." Thats exactly what he had told me. I wanted to smack him.. I didnt get another cherry boy.. It felt weird ordering one a second time, and so bought my bory instead, and got the nanuri07 event head that is now my vampire Rail. But I still miss my cherry boy even though I never got to see him.. or play with him.. ;_;
    7. :o
      Words can not tell you how much I want to drop kick that guy.
      Seriously dude, that's so horrible. I know if that had happen to me I would have sued the mail company to high and low Hell
    8. You might want to look up information on the Ningyo Kuyo ceremony from Japan.
    9. Foxxian--I think I remember your story. It's really sad that it happened. I think I read it back when I was new at DoA. I can't imagine the frustration and sadness it caused you... If it happened to me, I'd probably be crying rivers and oceans over my doll. What the postman did was really idiotic.

      I also remember another member whose house caught fire. When she went home from school, her house was burned down and her dolls were damaged by smoke and some were melted by the heat. I remember clearly that there was a lot of members who wanted to help with the repairs.

      I can't remember her DoA nickname but I remember that she sold all of her damaged dolls and left the hobby. :(


      As for "Doll Funeral" I think if my doll got damaged beyond repair, I might find a skilled customizer who would bring it "back to life." I don't think I'd just throw a severely damaged doll away because there are people out there who are looking for "junk" to tinker with all the time.

      I remember there is a very skilled DoA artist who repaired an MSD doll that had several botched modifications.

      There are a lot of people here who are very talented and skilled in restoring dolls that are "damaged beyond repair."

      It's magic, I guess!

    10. OH god, doll in the trash compactor. I would have went off the deep end on that post office carrier. I'm glad he was fired, what a moron. That really sucks that you never even got to see the doll. Glad you bought one you like just as much though!
    11. Awww.... Foxxian, that's just awful!! I know if I accepted a package and then discovered it wasn't for me, I'd either take it to the right address (if it was next door or close by) or take it back to the post office. I can't believe she just threw it away! Especially if it had the insurance cost information on the box. :(

      As for a dolly funeral... I'm not sure how badly a doll would have to be damaged before I considered it "beyond repair". I love modding and hands-on work with my dolls, so they would have to be really horribly damaged for me to consider them a totally lost cause, like melted into a puddle of plastic slag.

      If that happened, I'm not sure what I'd do. Depending on the doll and what sculpt it was, I might get a new doll... but I don't know if it would ever feel like the same character. Knowing me and my goofy storylines, I'd probably make its character a doppelganger or clone of the original. :sweat That way it would be almost the same, but not quite.

      There are a few of my dolls I consider "irreplaceable" though... especially the ones I've heavily modded, or a couple that are rare and now very expensive on the secondhand market. Those... I might have to do something to commemorate them before letting them go. Probably not an actual funeral, but maybe something like an LJ post. Just a way to say goodbye. I'm actually more attached to the character than the doll itself, and I could always continue to write about the character... but the physical dolls serve as inspiration for the writing aspect. :|
    12. If one of my dollies was damaged enough that I would wind up throwing them out, I'd use the pieces to experiment on, first. Do things like leave them out in direct sunlight to see how badly they 'yellow' and how fast it can happen, let them soak in common cleaning solutions for removing face-ups, test out alternate sealers to testors and MSC on them to see if any others work well enough for my private use...test alternate materials for face-ups...potential ways to 'reverse' yellowing...the kinds of things people WANT to know about, but wouldn't dare risk one of their own dolls to try. The kinds of things I want to see the affects of for myself, but wouldn't dare do on a doll that could be saved. I'd probably also practice more serious modding on remaining pieces...then, once all of that was complete...then I might actually throw out all of the remains...though if any looked particularly interesting after all that I might keep those.
    13. Oh my, what a horrible thought. I guess the only way a doll could be ruined beyond repair would be a fire or if some moron threw it in a trash compactor. If that happened to me, (the fire, not the trash compactor), I guess I would try to rebuild her or him from any salvagable piece that was left. Even if I had to buy a whole new doll and only use a hand, I would try to get them back! No matter what though, to me, they are "themselves", and even if you had one that looked exactly the same, it wouldn't be the same.
      Now if someone deliberately ruined my doll-we'd be having a funeral for the person...

      Foxxian, your story is painful. The Korean woman/Korean box thing would be funny if it weren't so horrific. What in the %$## was that woman thinking? Who takes someone's delivery and THROWS IT AWAY?!!! I'm actually not terribly surprised about the delivery guy, but I seriously have no idea how a person could say they threw your delivery in the trash! I'd venture to say that your doll is on her shelf...

      Oh, and by the way, I had a funeral for a placostimus that I loved (one of those sucker fishes you keep in your fish tank), so I'd likely have a funeral for a doll. No one I know would attend though and they'd definitely think I'd gone off the deep end...

    14. Hah, actually I agree.
    15. Thats what boggled me first off... x.x I had been told by the manager that she usually turns things into the office if it isnt for her. But through her translator she called it "rubbish" and threw it away.

      Thats what I suspected for a long time, that she had kept it and it was somewhere in her appartment or she had given it to one of her grandkids or something.. But I had to talk to her recently about all the noise coming from her appartment and the topic of my lost doll came up.. she explained that it "scared" her.. since it came naked and with no hair. That just shocked me even more.. Even if something scares you, if it isnt yours you dont throw it away.
    16. I remember doing this for a little doll I used to carry around with me when I was a child. She got ruined and the only thing to do was give her a proper funeral.

      So I guess I got that kind of thing out of my system then?

      I'm thinking that for one or more of my dolls to be destroyed beyond any hope of rescue it'd have to be something that'd take my entire house along with. A fire? Gods forbid! In any case if that sort of disaster happened there are other things I'd definitely mourn more... I guess I don't have a childlike attachment to my dolls.

    17. I guess it would all depend on whether it was my own neglect or forces beyond my control. I would be similarly horrified in both cases, but I would be less ... uhh ... devastated if it were my own fault. But I think most "beyond repair" situations are pretty much things that are beyond your control, and in those cases I would do what is necessary to try to "make things right." Contacting companies about the situation to try to replace broken parts and so on. I seem to recall that after the Niigata earthquake, Volks was all about fixing the resin casualties. So if it was something like that (my only fear at this point) I would only mourn AFTER I'd done EVERYTHING that could be done and in the event that I was told flat out, "Too bad."
    18. Foxxian I just read your post, and it is so saddening. I think that it was not right that the delivery man didn't do his job, and it was because of his negligence that started it all. Urgh!! That women should not have opened or received him, and it makes no sense in also throwing your Cherry boy away.

      I wish I did a funeral for a doll, that I sold. I mean each person does take some time to research and decide on getting a 'certain' one, so all that effort to buy him/her does make you regret, just a little, that you are deciding to get rid of them. - _ -, if they could talk, they may say that we are cruel.
    19. You still live by her? Have you lit her mailbox on fire at least once a week?
      I'm not buying her story. At all. She kept it.
    20. She still lives above me, yeah. Heh.. well If I did that Id end up burning up my mail box and then the whole building.