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Funniest Reaction To Your Dolls

Nov 19, 2016

    1. so ive seen thread about positive and negative reactions to dolls but not one devoted to the funniest reactions. here mine:

      basically i just showed my brother two dolls that im trying to decide between. anyways he of course responded in the usual way (saying that they looked creepy and they looked like would come to life and slit his throat, then he said they looked like emos). but what he said after was what was really funny:

      he said they looked like rejected k-pop stars! :XD:

      anyways i just thought that was just something we could all laugh at! :whee:

      so what are some of your funniest reactions to your dolls?:sumomo:
    2. Me and my mother when I got my first Shiwoo.

      "What a pretty girl!"

      "He's a guy"

      "Prove it"

      *Starts undressing doll*

      "Wait! What are you doing?!"
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    3. Conversation between my uncle and me about my first doll, Johnny. It begins when I stand between my uncle and the TV.

      ME: Sorry I've got my butt in the way. I'll move in a minute.
      HIM: Oh, don't mind me. I'm just sitting here looking at your Barbie.
      ME (amused): Oh, he's not a Barbie.
      HIM (shocked): He???

      Johnny has longish hair and wears flashy clothes, so my uncle can be forgiven for his foible. Mama and I had a hearty laugh about it later, though.
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    4. Holding my Feeple65 lady in my arms while waiting for my mom to buy some water when we went out to take some photos in a nearby garden. This middle aged man nudges an old lady to show her my doll, so I assume she must like dolls. Then she approaches to look at her better.
      "She's so pretty! Is she your baby?"
      I was caught off guard because I'm 25, and anyone who has seen a Feeple65 knows they look nothing like babies, especially since the ladies are very... Well endowed. Before I could figure out an answer, the guy adds to it:
      "I have one too, but she's this big!"
      And then motioned to the size of what I then found out is an actual child.

      That's the first one that comes to mind when I think of funny reactions to my dolls, at least!
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    5. On Monday I got my DIM order and show blank Aria to my almost year old son and he... Start crying Dx

      Why?? On other dollies that I show him he was smiling and even eat one head but on Aria he cry like hell!!! Maybe he was afraid of her big head lol
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    6. The wide eyes and open mouths after letting people know how much dolls cost is my favorite. Makes me laugh every time.:XD:
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    7. On seeing my Iplehouse Carina, my kid brother remarked, "Whoa! Nice tits! Do you think she'd date me?"
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    8. I had my practice head drying in the bathroom over this past weekend and my fiance walked in (I had the door closed so the cats wouldn't get at her) and stopped (I was sitting in the living room down the hall) and closed the door again. He came into the living room and just stared at me, looking confused and creeped out.

      Me: What?
      Fiance: What the hell is that?
      Me(confused): What is what?
      Fiance: That creepy thing in the bathroom?!
      Me(trying not to laugh): My practice head. Don't touch it, it's still drying.
      Fiance(looking slightly panicked): Why is it in the bathroom? (whining slightly) I have to peeeeeee

      Took all my strength to just not laugh uncontrollably when I convinced him he would be fine, just not to touch her cuz she was still drying heh
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    9. "They're really cool! They're hand made to an extent, they're super detailed, they're beautiful, anatomically correct, customizable-"
      "Wait, what?"
      "Yeah you can give them custom faceups and change their eyes and-"
      "No, before that."
      "Oh. Yeah, they're anatomically correct."
      "Really?" *flips skirt* "WOW YUP THEY ARE OKAY THEN"

      (PS: that Sumomo gif is sooo adorable! I didn't realize she was an emote on here! :love )
      #9 Relew, Dec 15, 2016
      Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
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    10. So, I don't have my own doll yet but I've been debating whether to get an MSD or a Tiny since I really like the idea of having a mature doll figure to dress/customize, but I also really love miniatures and small things.

      When I asked my husband which I should get, he said the MSD because it looks cooler..... and since he probably wouldn't be as likely to reflex kick it in the face when he sees it in the middle of the night xD
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    11. I showed my sister a deertaur doll that I want to eventually get and this is how the conversation went.
      Her: Woah that thing had a horse butt!
      Me: Well its half deer so I guess that's close
      Her: And she has Horns!
      Me: Antlers yes.
      Her: Shes so cool! Does she have bits like Lorelei and Faelyn?
      Me: I don't think so why?
      Her: Poor little horse butt cant mate

      Yeah that happened -.-' she is pretty strange
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    12. More recent comment from my grandmother. I've owned Johnny almost a year now, and he's always had a shaggy, unkempt wig because his character is supposed to have uncombable hair syndrome. Grandma has hated Johnny's wig from the word go and she's always made humorously negative comments about it. Last night she glanced at him and said:
      "I'm BEGGIN' you, get that poor doll a new wig!"

      LOL, sorry Grandma, but I like Johnny's wig!
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    13. When I showed someone that my dolls have a penis. xD Reaction was priceless.
    14. My mom found it creepy when I stuck my dolls hand in her eye socket when I was talking about her needing new eyes. She loves the dolls, but somehow that seemed creepy and her reaction still makes me laugh! :)
    15. Yes, Skyf, it was creepy!! One of my co-workers was looking at some photos of the knitted doll clothes I had designed and commented on what a cute butt one of the dolls had!! She is a very conventional older lady so it seemed so out of character and was very amusing :lol:
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    16. :lol: Darn, some of these really cracked me up. I :lovethese kind of stories.

      I'm trying hard to see if i can remember any funny stories of my own. I know I've had people be fascinated by the dolls anatomical correctness and getting a kick out of it, and I did find one case of misgendering my fairly muscular looking guy as a girl pretty humorous.

      Somewhat related to that last one: I asked my mom recently if she would've ever mistaken that same said guy of mine for a girl. She told me this in response: he has a too defined chin for her to mistaken him for a chick. I'm glad my mom has no problem figuring out the sexes of the dolls :XD:.

      And this happened with an off-topic doll, but thought the situation was kind of funny. I brought a couple of them (OT dolls) to an anime club meet once, and one of the guys there was kind of freaked out about them. Unfortunately, one of the other members, who liked the dolls, started chasing the poor guy with one of the dolls in hand. It was kind of like something out of a Benny Hill sketch, but I felt bad at the same time:sweat
    17. When I first got my doll I sent pics to my other doll friend who collect only pullips so shes never seen resin ones before til mine.
      I think like others here the fact they are "anatomically correct" gets the funniest reaction and its kinda the "teehee" moment of "yes you can see 'it'" xD
    18. Back when I had just gotten my first doll, I went out to a bar type restaurant with two of my doll friends. There was a drunk customer who noticed our dolls and came over to talk with us, one of those good-natured drunks thankfully. After a brief conversation answering his questions, he asked to hold one of the dolls, and I hesitantly handed mine over, since I didn't want my friends' more expensive dolls to possibly be damaged.

      He handled my doll gently, but when he learned they were anatomically correct, he had to see to believe it. XD He then proceeds to yank down my dolls pants and goes. "Holy s*$%, his weenie is bigger than mine!". (My doll is a Minifee boy, so really I think their weenies are just average?) The drunk guy's friends were outside, and he runs out to show them, all the while repeating his 'bigger than mine' mantra. It was so funny to me that I didn't even worry about my doll's safety lol!
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    19. My girlfriend's mom walked in on my unboxing of my two Luts SD girls. Of course they came in nude, and she saw them, gasped loudly and threw her arms in the air! She immediately whipped around and left the room, expressing that they were "too big and too creepy!"
      She later slowly eased into the room to look at them, but for barely a few seconds before she left again, shaking her head.
    20. So my best friend was with me in my room and I was moving my Doll Love Hugh around. At the time he was wearing really loose pants so they pulled down a little revealing his "bean" which my friend saw. She was so surprised she yelled, "oh my god hE HAS A-" and couldn't stop laughing.