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Funniest/Weirdest BJD Accesories/Misc. thread

May 15, 2007

    1. Allo~:aheartbea

      rather than putting up a thread for "coolest/popular" outfits/accessories, i resorted to this type of category :sweat its also to avoid any argument over whats the best since its really up to personal opinion regarding outfits/accessories :XD:

      If you notice any stuff that falls into this category please post it up :D hope its funny for you and that covers your minimum one smile/giggle for a day :)

      here's one for 1/3 (60cm) bodies, my hint is.. "nice and squishy" :roll:

      hope this brightens your day~
    2. Oh my! #*__*#

      Lol, a friend of mine has a white thong panty with a fluffy white tail for her Volks Yukinojou to play the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
    3. Allo~~~ :D

      em.... "nice and squishy" .... it was on sale... so i bought one :doh along with this one 60cm Doll Head w/Eye Parts :aheartbea


      EDIT: lossefaire, sorry for late reply lost this thread :doh do you happen to hav any pics of your friends white rabbit? :heartbea
    4. Hmmm....soft and squishy looks pretty awesome! Wonder how well the color will match to other doll resins?

      In any case, dunno how "weird" my accessories are....but I am having a plush dog custom made for my Shall, complete with collar, leash and dog bowl. ^^
    5. The weirdest accessory I currently own would have to be the mini colored pencil 24 pack I got. :D I plan on, when I get a decent camera, shooting a few pics of my doll coloring some pictures I drew :dance
    6. Snitter + Akari Yuudou~: hope ta see pics if ya can get some (^ o^)/

      my order still hasnt come in yet, when it does will post up some pics and do a small review (^ o^)/

    7. I have a crayola crayon. That actually works. *_*
    8. The soft bust amuses me. XD
      But what type of doll does it fit? O_o It does not say...
      It just says for 60 centimeter doll...
    9. Well, I have a U-noa L-bi and he came with a very interesting option part... *starts humming the "Detachable Penis" song*

      In other news, I also have a typewriter for my dolls. It isn't fully functional, but it does ding at the end of every line.
    10. I have a foodstore kinda trolley in msd-size that my dad found o.O
    11. Darken - 'Soft and Squishy' is for 60cm Obitsu's (see Junkyspot.com if you want to learn more).

      The weirdest accessories my dolls have were both freebies with packs of batteries - A Narnia snow-globe I found last year and a Superman flashlight that actually works which I bought a couple weeks ago.
    12. [​IMG]

      It's actually a lighter, and it has two flames.
      (also, bottle of booze; now all we need is a wife beater and some short shorts and we're all set for a white trash redneck photoshoot XDDD)​
    13. omgsdgbbqrhr What?? xD;;; and he came from where??

      As for me, I'm not sure..hmm... I don't have much for my doll yet. Though I think my doll will claim one of my 4 plush easter peeps for a stuffed animal :3 can't wait till next easter
    14. Got to be my shopping cart (here from a photoshoot being used to ferry a bodiless head about:

      Also just got a little Red Ryder wagon, but haven't had a chance to take pix of that in action!
    15. I don't have them myself, but a while back someone on Y!Japan was selling SD sized capsules. You know, the pills with powder in them. I thought that was pretty weird O.O

      But seriously, dollfie sized weaponry ftw
    17. American Girls typewriter, by any chance? I've been eyeing those on E-Bay... how does it work scale-wise?

      I don't think I have anything to compete with Double Barrelled Shotgun + Booze. :lol:
    18. How about a see through man complete with removable organs?
    19. Stella Twilight - xD My teacher used to have that. He'd hide random parts around the room and give extra credit if you could find them before the janitor does |D

      The weirdest thing I have is a keychain of SD sized fuzzy handcuffs XD;
    20. I found a dollie sized hookah in my boyfriends box-o-crap from when he was in the middle east. I just found it last night, so no pictures, but it's fully functional because apparently he had been using it (The insides smelled like sisha/tobacco)