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Funny BJD Stories?

Aug 17, 2018

    1. I hope its okay to make two posts so close together?
      But the other one gave me an idea about something i really wanted to hear about!

      I'd love to hear about silly stories or maybe horror stories of things that happen with your doll?
      Like maybe you took your doll out and something funny happened like an interaction with another person maybe? Just anything like that! fun stories bad stories that you can look back and laugh at now!

      This something i'm generally interested in i LOVE hearing other people's stories and i'll do my very best to reply to everyone if i can, i just thought this could be a fun thing for everyone!​
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    2. I'm waiting for my first doll head, and it's a bit bloody and scarred, so my dad always calls the head bloody boy. He's super creeped out by him, which is hilarious.
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    3. Just a warning, this story involves mention of a recast.

      Back when I was still a newbie, one of my good friends was visiting one day when I had just received a new doll in the mail. When it arrived, it was so off. I already had a doll by this company (leekeworld), same body but different head sculpt, and this one was supposed to be the same color, only it wasn't. It was much darker and pinker, and it didn't feel right. I was sitting in my living room when my friend came in and I was crying my eyes out because I just knew this doll was a fake. I had the new doll and my old doll taken apart and the pieces all placed side by side. I explained the situation to my friend, who had no idea what bjds were, and she helped me take pictures and make a post on the ask the admins section of doa to see if the mods aggreed with my suspicions. This story has a happy ending because the mods confirmed my suspicions and I was able to open a paypal dispute against the seller to get a full refund for a fake product. My friend still references that day as "Remember the time I walked in on you crying over dismembered dolls?".
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    4. I love that Bloody Boy is the best nickname XD
      Also congrats on your first BJD dead! Got mine a month or so ago i know its exciting!

      Oh gosh that sounds like a nightmare!! I am so happy you were able to get a refund through paypal. That's kind of my worst fear about buying a doll second hand i'm glad it had a happy ending though <33 I'm glad you had your friend there to help you, but also i love that that's what your friend refers to that fateful day as sounds like the best kind of friend to have LOL
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    5. A few years ago, I was on my way to visit my parents, but my girl had arrived at the post office. I picked her up on the way over, and opened her at their house. My dad was so comically upset that she didn't have clothes, so he made her a "dress" from a paper towel and a string. It looked like the "dress" Scuttle made for Ariel in The Little Mermaid. It was hilarious and endearing at the same time. <3
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    6. That sounds very sweet QAQ Your new girl got a nice little dress and it sounds like you got a laugh its win win!
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    7. When I sent Snow away for a custom faceup, he was gone for about a month. He was my first doll and is very special to me. When I got him back, it was late, but I was too excited to wait to put him back together. As soon as I got his head on, his elastic snapped and his lower half fell on the floor. I panicked and almost started crying but my SO picked him up, kinda held him together on the bed for posing so I could still get pictures, and then took me to get new elastic. I had a friend come over and help me restring him (first time I messed it up). Now it's kinda funny, but it wasn't when it happened!
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    8. I definitely think I would have cried! Props to your partner for helping you through that initial AAAAAAAHHHH moment!
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    9. I was shaking so hard. He just arranged some blankets on the bed and somehow managed to make it look like Snow was still in one piece. I actually got some pretty decent photos considering lol I'm glad he is back in one piece now though. And now that I know how to restring him, I'm far less scared of it happening in the future!
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    10. This was at a doll meet, and someone was restringing their boy doll. The pelvis, with the hip facing up, resembled an owl. So a couple of us put eyes in the sockets and photographed the result.
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    11. One of the funniest situations involving dolls was my first meet. I had just received my first girl, and she was barefoot because I had only bought one pair of heeled shoes with her and was afraid to switch out her feet because aren't dolls fragile???

      Well, we were meeting at someone's place who had just received a Soom Chalco with fantasy legs on, and they wanted the human legs on him. Well, Chalco wasn't having any of it. I've never since seen a doll put up such a fight! Within a couple minutes, two experienced hobbyists were wrestling that doll into submission, and I was watching from the sidelines like :aeyepop: "... nope. Definitely not that fragile" :lol:
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    12. I had a "how many humans does it take to string a doll" experience at a meet a few years ago. Someone needed their doll restrung, I offered to do it but didn't really have proper restringing tools. Also for some reason the doll needed to be strung incredibly tightly, ended up with three or four other people surrounding me holding various parts and yanking, while someone released the tension on the elastic with needlenose pliers so I could get the feet on. People walking by were staring at the mass of people fighting with him.
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    13. Is it funny that nobody in my family knows I have two dolls secretly hiding in a bin in my closet. I only take them out when I’m alone. It’s when I’m the most comfortable and it’s when I photograph them. I still have that anxious feeling of feeling afraid of what they might think of my bjd hobby. What are your stories?
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    14. Conversation between my uncle and me, about three years ago when Johnny was still new. I was preparing a chair to sit in, with Johnny nestled on the cushion waiting to be picked up, when suddenly I realized my rear was right between my uncle and the television.

      ME: I'll get my butt out of your way in a minute.
      HIM: Oh, don't mind me. I'm just sittin' here, lookin' at your Barbie.
      ME: Oh, he's not a Barbie.
      HIM: He???

      Poor Johnny. I have to admit he looks a little effeminate with his shaggy wig (he's the larger doll in my profile picture), but he does NOT look like a Barbie! My mother and I had a hearty LOL over that one.
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    15. Not sure if this counts as "funny" but I recently got a DC body with a jointed dick and whooooo boy my whole family (including me) was going crazy laughing our asses off about that.

      "Why does he have that??"
      "I don't know!"
      "I DON'T KNOW!!!"

      I actually ended up removing it and making him a removable "cup" so that he looked better in pants (lol), so I have the offending member hidden away in the box. Definitely one of those funny moments that's funnier if you were there though.
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    16. (I hope that I'm allowed to talk about off-topic dolls in here!)

      I was new to the hobby, and my first doll is a Granado Vindoll Udell (the one in my avatar - his name is Amos).
      I've done my research, but I always thought that BJD all have joints that are strung with elastic. So when I first opened the package, I was like "the joints look funny"???!!!
      Then I proceed to dress Amos - or at least tried to - because his pants are ultra-tight and I couldn't take his feet off. It took me 30 mins before one of his foot came off accidentally.
      I panicked, thinking that I broke him, and hastily texted one of my dolly friends asking for help - I felt so silly afterwards!
      Then there's when I tried to take his head lid (?) off to no avail, and that's when I discovered that Vindolls have no magnets inside their heads - you'll need brutal force to pry them open!!!
      For my first doll, he was certainly unusual I guess - not even a traditional resin BJD!
      Oh well, at least he's really light XD
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    17. I got my first BJD end of Jan this year A Fairyland Littlefee and I was that excited I even bought her a nicer out fit the fairyland pirate outfit some one was selling. when it arrived I gently got her dressed but her hands popped off so I finished dressing and got her hands back on took pics proudly displayed them on facebook and a group for fairyland ..........only to be told I had her hands on backwards
      When I looked it was staring you right in the face. I felt so embarrasses. My friend when I told her could not stop laughing !
      #17 Sheltie, Feb 21, 2019
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    18. I have a funny incident from when I was crafting some eyes. I had all my stuff lined up, different parts all in their containers. I accidently knocked over my container of irises. I let out a "Gaaaagh! Nooo!" My hubby came in, looking very concerned and asked if I was ok. I told him I just dropped all my irises. The look on his face was priceless:XD:
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    19. When I do my face ups, I usually work on them at a different time than I do body blushing. In order to protect the bodies when I spray the blank faces, I wrap them in cling wrap so I don’t have to take them apart. My three pre-teens came home from school and were appalled at what they called spider victims. I guess they do look like they’ve been wrapped up by spiders when they’re covered in cling wrap!
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    20. I was changing my boy during a photoshoot outside the house and for whatever reason ended up leaving off his underwear under the second outfit. I put the underwear in my purse and promptly forgot about it. At my friend's baby shower, we played a game where one challenge was to be the person with the weirdest item in their purse - who knew? Rainbow-striped 1/3 scale underwear was a win. XD Got some strange looks that day...
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