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Funny Conversation with non Doll Owners

Oct 22, 2017

    1. So this conversation happened with my husband and my mom on the way to church this morning. We were talking about things we want for Christmas, and doll stuff came up. Then my mom started laughing, and she's like "I love my kids, they are awesome! One wants body parts and eye balls(me), and one wants coal(my brother. He's a blacksmith)!" We were laughing about it for the next like 5 minutes.
      She understands the hobby because I've been in it for so long, she's not into it but she appreciates it. My husband is in it and just ordered his first doll. It was hilarious.

      Do you guys have any funny conversations with non doll owners?
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    2. Not so much non doll owners, but a friend and I were joking about how anyone listening in on our conversations when we talk about dolls would mistake us for little Dr Frankensteins. :lol:

      "Yeah, I can't find the right eyes for her, it's driving me nuts."
      "Is the neck wide enough?"
      "Bought a new pair of hands but they don't fit."
      "Have you thought about taking him apart, restringing him, and see if he quits kicking you after that?"
      "I have like three heads and no bodies for them right now."
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    3. All my non-doll fan friends consider my dolls "scary" and "creepy". I had a guest request that I take out the dolls in the guest room where she was sleeping cos the dolls were "staring" at her
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    4. I don't have a lot of conversations with non doll people but every now and then I'll get really excited about a doll and I'll just run on about it and my friend who isn't into dolls just listens and looks so confused X)
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    5. I say similar things, but my husband tells me it makes me sound like a serial killer lol Glad to know I'm not the only one
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    6. My granddaughter, 9 years old, said dolls are creepy, but when I asked her not to say that about something I love so much, she apologized.
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    7. Looool very off topic, but it happens the same with the sims: "hey is it possible for teenagers to get pregnant? I tried everything, I even locked two teens in a room with no doors and forced them to make out a lot, but they don't want to do anything else!" - "I know right? Annoying!"
      People passing by and calling the cops

      And now about dolls, I was with my family just chatting about random things, my mom was looking at my girl (no one noticed she was not following our conversation) and suddenly she says "when will you buy yourself a boyfriend?" and I was like "WHAT!?" and she "Oh, I mean for your doll", that was hilarious!
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    8. LOL, yeah, my SIL is freaked out by dolls. I just did Viktor's faceup and I wanted her opinion, so I told her "just think of it as makeup". Normally she just closes her eyes. :P
      DH is also a little freaked out by dolls but he's gotten used to me saying things like "look at these eyes!" (holds out baggies of doll eyes) "Ignore the body parts on the ironing board, ok" "Do you think I should make a merkin for him, or is body blushing enough?"
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    9. The first time I took my dolls apart to clean and re-string them, I sent some pictures to a group chat of the collection of little body parts covering my sofa, and one of my friends kept joking about me being a serial killer... But now we're dating and he has a doll of his own, lol. It's been been funny to see the transition, from saying at first that dolls creep him out to now hearing him talk casually about taking off heads and buying eyes and all that.
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    10. I went to Another Anime Convention last weekend and had an awkward doll-related event happen. Copy-pasted from my project journal-
      I had Dacchan out earlier at the con and she had her new CodeNoir shoes on. Then I take her out for our mini-meet and she's missing a shoe! It wasn't in my bag and it wasn't on the floor, and I was like well there goes and expensive shoe... mangameow said to check lost and found, so I begrudgingly went over and asked, "This is gonna sound really weird, but did anyone turn in a tiny shoe? It's black and green." And the guy dug through the box AND PULLED OUT A TINY SHOE and was like, "This tiny shoe?" It was a miracle holy cow! Some wonderful good samaritan turned in her tiny shoe! I explained we had a doll meet and I had lost it. The other person at the lost and found table was like, "was that about the tiny shoe?" So now I'm definitely that weirdo with the tiny doll shoes omg...
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    11. Haha so many great posts! I loved reading them all! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has weird conversations lol. Thanks for posting! I really enjoy being able to relate with other bjd people :)
    12. Not really 'weird conversations' but when people who know nothing about dolls borrow my phone/computer quickly and I haven't logged off bjd sites and it updates on sales sites to either a post/pictures about selling doll parts/pictures of nude doll bodies. ''The wonderful problem with facebook sales sites:( !! It's only happened twice but goodness it's awkward as you try to frantically click out of it because you know people are judging you!! :o
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    13. Whenever I show my friends pictures of dolls that've smitten me, they always go "It looks kind of creepy," and "I think it'd fit in with SAW," (because Jigsaw has a doll lol)-- you'd think I'm showing them horror dolls or something, but they're just normal tinies!

      It always makes me laugh really bad lol, I know they don't mean any harm so it's just funny to me. They probably assume I like them because they're "creepy" because I do like horror, but I really do think they're cute :lol:

      One friend I managed to drag into the hobby though by showing them pictures... Point one for the creepy doll faction :mwahaha
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    14. What is wrong with kids today? LOL. My nieces and nephew told me the same thing, and even my cousin's kid told me she doesn't like dolls because they're creepy.

      I don't have a lot of conversations with people about my dolls, but my nieces and nephew have had some funny reactions. Several years ago when I first got into displaying dolls and back into collection, pre-bjd, on a visit my nephew saw a forgotten about Pullip on a shelf and yelled in his lispy 6 year old voice "Aunt Lisa, that doll you have is CWEEPY!" Then the nieces turned and saw it. They both whipped their heads back around nodding them rapidly in agreement. Somehow I still thought they'd think the bjd's were really cool, or at least the oldest girl who is into art. Nope. Totally "cweepy."

      Another trip, my youngest niece, the drama queen, cried and refused to sleep in the spare room until I removed all my dolls (non-bjd) out of there. It took over two hours.

      There was also an issue with my forgetting to put away my naked Impl Chad in my art room... Lots of giggles and days of conversation over the naked butt and "dingy." I'd spent years making sure my art books and other more mature, or darker art, such as my Dali reprints, were always put away when the kids came over. I have a religious brother and try to be careful with the kids, but personally have never had issue with nudity and see bjd's along the same level as any statue you'd see at a museum kids would be taken. But still, oops...
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    15. That is too funny! Yeah there's definitely different degrees of nudity people deem appropriate or inappropriate. I personally am a Christian and have nothing wrong with naked BJDs. They are just dolls, I'm an adult, it doesn't bother me at all. I don't see anything wrong with it. But I wouldn't have my boy sitting out naked if I had young or older family visiting lol. But sex dolls or something like that, no thanks.
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    16. Yeah, I'm normally so good about being careful what's on display around little ones, or anyone who may be easily offended. I guess there was bound to be a slip and that one was fairly innocuous in the whole scheme of things. I really do try to be sensitive to what may be offensive, but it's not always easy . There's very little that offends me, but I try to be mindful of the kiddies in my life. It's easy to forget how different the world is to them and how much more sheltered some are to others. Still, the whole thing ended up being more funny than anything, and thankfully they stopped talking about it before they went home. Off topic: they got a much more interesting life lesson when my mother brought over her Pomeranian and she and my little Papillion decided to make some Paperanians in front of the kids. Much bigger oops there.
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    17. Yes, I'm the same way. For the most there's not much that gets my goat. I'm pretty easy going. But when it involves kids or elderly folks, I try to be really careful. Just trying to be respectful, ya know? You hit the nail right in the head, kids really do see the world differently. Something that's insignificant to us could be earth shattering to them, and stay with them for a long time.

      Oh my gosh... I can't even. That's horrible, but hilarious at the same tinge. I bet you guys had fun explaining that one.. oops!
    18. I chickened out on that one when the youngest started crying and repeatedly yelling, "OMG, how'd they get their butts stuck together?" My ex-sis-in-law, their mom, is a vet tech, so I said she could explain better than me. I just awkwardly told the two younger ones, "oh, um, that just happens, sometimes, um, with dogs, but um, there's nothing, wrong them, don't um worry about it" Thankfully, they didn't really see anything. Just "Caesar was hugging Layla, and then they were stuck like that". So, just a bit awkward. It did make prior incident w/ the naked bjd seem a bit of a lesser issue, and thankfully, their mom thought it was funny.
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    19. Oh man, I'm dying of laughter right now. :XD: that must have been so awkward! It's a good thing you didn't have explain in detail what was happening. And at least their mom found it funny!
      my in laws have a bunch of tiny dogs, they are all fixed, but still enjoy trying to hump each other. You'll just be talking then all of a sudden look over and they are having a go. It's kinda funny, kinda gross, like dude, just stop already. It's your sister! Dogs. Smh :doh:barf
    20. Yeah :) Really depends on the person's view on dolls and how they react. Haha, because I don't share my doll collecting with only a few it's more of the 'What the?" factor :P Especially during the one time at work! Yeah, far more awkward things that could happen! :o

      Lisam925 Goodness! That would've been awkward with the Pomeranians!
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