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Funny Conversations with Friends/Family

Jul 24, 2011

    1. Yay~ I finally have one XD That just happened 5 minutes ago.

      Me: Dad, can Teddy (my Yo-SD sized boy doll) watch the car race with you again today?
      Dad: Sure.
      Me: Yay!
      Mum: *sigh* Guys...
      Me: XD Yeah. He even has his own special place to sit and watch TV.
      Mum: Now he only needs a tiny remote control.
      Dad: No way! I don't need him switching over to disney channel.

      I thought it was kinda cute XD
    2. My Boyfriend works in Tv and always comes up with backstories to my dolls, he was looking at my Unoa sist and said "you know, i think she's really cool, she is so chilled and relaxed, i think she would have an amazing cool little appartment in Chelsea (NY) and would buy flowers all the time" LOL
      sometimes these things dont enter my head, but he always comes up with them!
      My mother is the most critical, always commenting on how they are dressed or the way i pose them, I remember when i had my first SD, Kira from Volks and i went to make her a cup of tea, when i came back she had her sat on her lap and was playing with her hair! I was like "Oh dont mind me, feel free to play with them!" ^_~
    3. My friend Matt and I re looking up the scheduled for San Japan
      I saw a panel and of course she had to comment lol

      Me: "Oh look, they have a panel on 'Confessions of a BJD Owner'"
      Matt: "Hi my name is Matt and.. I gave away my fridge for a puki..."
      Me: xD
    4. I just sat there, mortified. I coud feel the rest of the table's eyes on me, so I tried to dubunk the myth that these are sex dolls! Unfortunately, all I think they got from that conversation was that I like large(72 cm is large for a bjd, so I told them the doll was huge), anatomically correct(They ALL come that way--not my fault!) dolls.
    5. I lol'ed xD
    6. The elastic snapped in one of my boys last night. It was completely unexpected. I had walked upstairs and heard this peculiar sound. I picked up one of them and his leg fell at my feet. Not to go into all the details of cursing over frayed and exhausted elastic, I ended up having to trim it very short.

      So I decided to clean him up since he had not been cleaned in a while. Poor thing.

      I spread all his legs and things out.

      My father entered and happened to notice a gray blob next to the doll. It was a brain that I use when cleaning up 'Christopher.' (A stress ball). He had been talking and asking questions about him when my father suddenly froze and stared directly at the gray matter sitting next to the head.

      "He has a brain too?!"

      My father was horrified.

      I blinked at him for a minute not really sure what he was talking about until I saw where he was pointing.

      I explained that no, that was just for stress so that when stringing him proved to be a pain I didn't take it out on my poor boy.

      My father just shook his head.

      ...But come to think of it- That stress ball could fit inside the Chiwoo's head...
    7. I think I just scared my grandmother with how much I laughed at this one. ;)
    8. I felt like changing up the look of my brown-haired, blue-eyed, tee-shirt/jeans wearing boy. So I put him in some other dolls' stuff I had lying around: a straight white longish wig, red glass eyes, and a black pleather shorts/wrap top/arm covers costume. XD Later I had a friend over...

      Me: ::talking about something random::
      Him: ::suddenly:: OMG!! LADY GAGA!! 0__0
      Me: ......huh?
      Him: ...Is that......another one?
      Me: .....?
      Him: Another doll?
      Me: ::finally realizing what he's looking at:: Oh. XD No! You remember him. I told you I'd changed him up a bit.
      Him: HIM?! But it looks like Lady Gaga!!
      Me: .....no.
      Him: ::picks the doll up::...It's like.....bondage. ::suddenly weirdly interested::
      Me: ........:|
    9. Friend: What are you doing?
      Me: Setting up a sales thread.
      Friend: What are you selling?
      Me: Eyes
      Friend: o.O
    10. I was telling my brother about the body i will be ordering soon:
      Josh = Brother

      Me: "In about a month or two there should be a box coming in the mail labeled LUTS, it's mine."
      Josh: "A box of Nuts?" o.O
      Me: "Noooo, Luts" xD
      Josh: "Oh, I thought you bought like silicon nuts for your doll or something" >.>;

      I have realized most of these I have are about my doll's junk xD
    11. My lishe takes a dive off the couch... perfect back flip landing on her face with her butt sticking up in the air. Hubby walking by " Wow! I did not know she was a gymnest!" me groans, palm of hand to forehead. Hubby coserned " Is she okay?" me, can't help it, starts laughing!
    12. Okay, so, background info: My birthday is in mid-October, and I love creepy things, so I frequently get Hallowe'en-related birthday presents. This year, my sister is making a Hallowe'en costume for my LTF. I know that much so that I don't start making him something for Hallowe'en, but I don't know what the costume will be, because I like surprises. She's been finding the supplies little by little over the past couple trips to fabric stores. Meanwhile, I have been trying to find thread that I can use to make tights for my MNF boy.

      So, conversation;

      SISTER: We now have hot pink thread, so when you need to work with those tights, there's a big spool of it. But DO NOT look in this bag when you need it.

      ME: Okay, I will not look in that bag. And I know someone else who won't look in the bag...

      SISTER: That's right. Don't look in the bag, Billy.

      ME: (in a squeaky voice) Maybe I want to look in the bag.

      SISTER: Don't do it, Billy. (in rock-falsetto) Billy! One time he fought a bear!

      Yeah... every time his name comes up, so does Adventure Time... And yeah, I have a some-might-say-disturbing tendency to make inanimate objects and small animals talk back in high-pitched little weird voices.

      • x 1
    13. I was playing with Change, and I had him in Lief's wig. Mum frowned at me and said: "Look, I know you like changing him around a lot, but Lief's the only one that can pull off that wig without looking like a girl. Don't give the other boys gender issues."
    14. Chibihaku I laughed so hard at that one... just.. just wow. >< Mostly because everyone thinks both of my boys are girly whatever wig I have them in. Which actually ties into my story.

      So I'm introducing my dolls to my Aunt, and this is the first time she's seen them. My moms gotten real cool about it all of a sudden (another story for another day) and had me bring them out to show her. She thinks they're really cool and all and afterwards I set both and go back to my faceuping at dinning room table. A few minutes later my uncle walks in and all I hear is:

      "Holly Crap!"
      Aunt: "What?"
      Uncle: "What are those?"
      Aunt: "Dolls?"
      Uncle: "I thought they were children! I was about to ask who had a baby and didn't tell me."
      Me: "Yeah those are my BJDs. Artist dolls. I know the little looks a little girly right now but his wigs not in yet. They're both guys"
      Uncle: "The big one's a guy?" (And Frost is my manliest boy hehe)

      Later, since I was doing a faceup I had that doll's wig and eyes on the couch. And I suddenly hear mom say "Why are there eyeballs on my couch!" lol
    15. This was so funny!
    16. I was at a family reunion today, so I finally have one that's good enough to share:
      My cousin and his wife brought their daughter, who turned one year old a couple months ago, and she saw my dolls sitting on my lap. So she toddled over to see them.

      H: "Hi" (she says "Hi" to everyone, it's cute :)
      Me: "Hi" (she's looking at them, and it's making me nervous...)
      H: *points at one doll* "Baby!"
      Me: "Yep. Babies."
      H: *walks around my chair to point at the other doll* "Baby!"
      Me: "Yes, they're babies..." (really, really nervous...)
      H: *looks at dollies on my lap* "Hi!"

      Then she took the tip of one finger and (just barely) touched Mihika on her cheek. She was so gentle, it was really cute. She then became fascinated with their shoes ("Shus!"), which I let her play with. After a while, her mom came to take her home, and she picked up the doll shoes off the floor and gave them back to me. :)
    17. Friend: ...and nobody's going to want to go in your room anyway, you've got those DoUS's hanging around.
      Me: ....DoUS's?
      Friend: Dolls of Unusual Size! You know, like Princess Bride? Rodents of Unusual Size? Like that, only with dolls!
      Me: xD *resovles to use that EVERYWHERE*
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    18. The first day I got my doll:

      Mom: It&#8217;s creepy, can you put it back into the box?
      Me: Ok&#8230; o_O (put)
      Mom: Wait&#8230; now it looks like you just put her in a coffin! take it out.
    19. Me: "Do you want a womanly man, a boyish man or a manly man?"
      Lil sister: "Iiii dunno."
      Me: "This would be misunderstood by someone who didn't know we're talking of dolls..."
    20. I spent most of a vacation showing my little cousins pictures of my dolls. They always wanted to be sure I let them know if I was getting one of my traveling tinies out to take pictures, so they could see her.