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Funny/Horrible BJD Stories

Jul 22, 2011

    1. Mine's a horrible one and waiting on Soom to see what happens next.

      I and another member here ordered Soom's Ender in Feb when he was available. She wanted the Anubis head with the outfit, shoes, and staff. I wanted the normal man, with his wig, eyes, and painted by them since all my other Sooms aren't. Well, fast forward to yesterday, when he finally arrived.

      He had a wig in the box. Not sure if it's Ender's wig. He had eyes, but they say Foggy Night when the order page said Ender eyes (LE). He had no faceup. He had no staff. He had no outfit. He had no shoes. I freaked the heck out!!

      I got someone else's order... I ended up sobbing. He's not my Rowan!
    2. zoid5, chuplayer, and kamehane, thanks for your advice, if she does that again i will ask her about all the useless crap she spends money on. The thing that bothers me the most is that i thought that she was starting to like them...
    3. Hey, she may just still be stuck in the "they're HOW much!?" phase of things, and just not realize the consequences of harping in public. I can still remember what it felt like to go all O_O eyed when I got my American Girl doll. Obviously I got over that, as my signature can attest, but to me I find the blabbing dangerous since someone could end up doing something to you, your doll, your mother, or her home all in the quest of money.

      Or the person listening may end up with an incorrect mental picture of you, based entirely on one single hobby, which isn't fair either. I just hope she gets over the sticker shock and learns to like them. :/
    4. It is a scary thing to mention how expensive your dolls are to random strangers. A passer-by could hear about your dolls, semi-stalk you around the store, only to either threaten you when you get outside, or follow you home and threaten you. While the chances seem slim that this could be a result, it's not an impossibility, because it has happened. They could think you're extremely wealthy, and want to rob you.
    5. SO! It's funny, I think x) Today, my boyfriend and I went to comic con, and went to the BJD collector's panel! There was a raffle, and my boyfriend won a Goodreau anthro bear doll. We receive a set of clothes, and a cute Goodreau tote with the little guy {or..girl, it is asexual xD} and one fo the owners in front of us wants to see. I struggle to open it....and even yelled out that there's no opening....the owner in front of us then points out there is a zipper :doh:
    6. That's awesome!
    7. When I opened up my F65 Chloe a few days ago, and plopped her wig on her, I caught my mom staring. At first i thought it was because of her generously curvy body so I asked my mom what was wrong.
      She replied,"..I don't know. I just really want to french braid her hair."

      It made me giggle since my moms still pretty awkward with my dolls. And I'd been entertaining the idea of a partial french braid for my Illiana anyway. SO maybe that's something we can do together.
    8. I wish I knew how to do that! I have some wigs that would look beautiful that way. However, if there is nothing holding the wig on the doll, it'll be hard to braid it.
    9. I can't french braid for crap, so I think I'll just have to hold the wig in place and let her have at it, lol.
    10. I carried my 70 cm male on my arm during an art event I put up pictures on, and then this girl and a guy came up to me, they both worked there, the guy had a camera and just stood quietly taking close up's on my doll while the girl where all bitchy and said: WHY are you carrying a DOLL?
      and me: ...It's a grown up toy *don't know how else to explain*
      her: *just makes a face that says that I'm a complete idiot*
      the guy: *still stands there with a smile taking pictures*

      I mean, the guy was funnier to deal with :lol: the girl was a bitch, ugh.
    11. At least one of them was fun!
    12. Whoa, new thread!
    13. Something cute happened to me yesterday; I went to my grandma's house, and her friend was there. Of course I had taken Mihika with me, and my grandma's friend hadn't seen her before, so my grandma decided to introduce them. They were talking about me, and so my grandma said "Have you seen her strange doll?!" (she likes Mi-chan, though. She thinks she's cute, so I don't know why she said it that way...) and her friend said "I don't think she's strange. She's beautiful." Just like that. I didn't use to like this person, but...she was really sweet. :)
    14. Me, too; French braids are so pretty! I bet there's a tutorial on YouTube or somewhere, though.
    15. We had a family reunion a couple of weeks ago..
      Small children everywhere *_*
      Had to keep Kir with me at all times O.O

      Being rather anti-social all weekend, this was my downfall in the end.. =.=;;
      I was walking through the kitchen with him in the bend of my elbow and mom asked out loud if I had introduced "My dude, yet"

      My aunt noticed first
      Aunt: She's pretty, she looks like you!
      By this point, the conscience in the back of my mind was dying with laughter.
      I didn't say anything, of course.

      My cousin scanned him repeatedly with her eyes, "It looks nothing like her.. I think it's a guy."
      "Pull down his pants!" mom yells from the living room....
    16. god knows ive had a few
      i was on webcam with my friend and one of her zelda friends and i mentioned that i got my big boy
      when i brought him he looked JUST like the zelda friend
      thus they both insisted i show them his junk...and it all ecalated from there imagine my moms face when she see's me shoving my poor pantsless boy at the webcam
      i can only imagine what she must have thought!

      but this one just happend today when i was making my boy a pair of pants when im making things for my dolls i take off EVERYTHING wigs shirts and pants..it makes mesuring things for them alot less of a hassel my boy is kicky and whenever hes laying down he always goes into fetal position
      mom walks in when im sewing the pants leg and this is how it went
      ":? honey i thought you loved him why is he all bald and naked!"
      me: " im making him pants...:|"


      "HE'S FINE MOM!"
      she goes and puts the extra fabric on him
      • x 4

    17. Pfft! :sweat My mother tends to do the same thing,
    18. I've got a pretty funny one, thanks to my cat. She's a bit of a klepto and likes to steal little things and put them in a corner. I saw her running downstairs with something in her mouth and chased after her, telling her to put it down. Well, when she finally, did I saw...

      ...A foot! She'd taken the left foot of a doll that I'd taken apart to blush, and put it in her little treasure corner. Needless to say, all the doors where dolly things are kept are now shut...
    19. Suuchan
      Hahaha, my ferret likes to steal things too, I know that feeling of panic
      "what did you take? Come back here! You'd better stop!" Only to sometimes realize "oh.. a bottle cap, okay, run along"
    20. Yeah, she's stolen a whole spool of thread before and unwound it around the kitchen table. It looked like a God's Eye. @_@ She also took a Bluetooth ear thing before, and car keys. I know that you kinda have to expect that with ferrets though... I've never had a cat steal like this before. XD

      On topic, she also totally ignores my dolls-unless she feels that I need to pay attention to her. Then she'll stare right at me, meow to get my attention, and keep eye contact while she tries to push them right off their shelf.