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Furniture for larger dolls?

Aug 31, 2008

    1. I have looked on eBay and anywhere else I could think of, but Dollzone's chairs are sold out and I just can't find any furniture (chairs in particular) for larger dolls... Any tips anyone? :)
    2. Maybe look around at stores that sell novelty items such as couch jewellery boxes or something. There's a particular store in Australia (maybe just in Perth.. don't know...) but it's called Things..

      Maybe look around at craft stores for miniatures on 1/3 scale. Or try some second hand shops or old toy stores/ antique stores, you might find a bargain and you'll have something no-one else has. :3
    3. Not sure if many are available but I bought a chair a couple years ago that I like a great deal. I think it was Kingsgate or kingsstate. Something like that. I believe it was advertized as a teddy bear chair. Also you could try My Twinn. They have furniture. Or Target. I bought a doll wardrobe for 60.00 (included shipping) that is quite big and solid. For American girl size dolls but should work.
    4. Thanks for your tips! I guess I'll have to ask an American friend to check those stores out for me, as I live in the Netherlands :)
    5. Childrens chairs can work, sometimes they are a bit too big, especially modern ones but the older antique ones I see then to be more in scale

      I managed to find two "dining chairs" for kids that work well for 70cm+dolls at a local supermarket
    6. I have some furniture made by Kingstate but I purchased all of it at a chain store called Ross. They buy out odd lots from other chain stores and manufacturers to sell at reduced prices, so it may have been a one time purchase for their retail outlets. I'm not seeing very many places on-line selling thier stuff, maybe Kingstate has stopped making big furniture?

      I also scout around at antique shops, flea markets, second hand shops and Ebay. Lots of furniture has been made for teddy bears and large old antique dolls, I bet there is more of it to be found in Europe than in the US. The really beautiful antique pieces are expensive though. :shudder On the other hand I found a nice wooden spindle back chair at a vintage store for $15 US.
    7. Yes, Kingstate has stopped making doll furniture. I was told this by The Doll Market, and The Doll Peddler a few months ago.
    8. You could also try and look for people online who do doll furniture and see if they could do a custom made order for you.
    9. Was just on ebay. Found several chairs, a sofa, and a chaise that look to be big enough. One in fact was a kingstate.
    10. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack!! I have been to several places yesterday and there are none that I can find in my area, it really sucks. Dollmore has the Model size sofa for $94.00 plus shipping, I told my hubby that I did not want to pay that kind of money for one:(
    11. Oh wow, idrisfynn, those are gorgeous! I'll keep an eye out everywhere, and I'll post it in this thread if I find anything :)
    12. Volks USA sells furniture on their site, too.
    13. Some Volks furniture is on ebay right now.
    14. Mkay, so I have a question.
      I hope this is in the right place, if not, then please move it:)
      Here we go:
      What about furniture for the SDs?
      I know that american girl, and My Twinn stuff fits the MSDs, but what about those bigger kids? :(

      I know that I've been looking everywhere for a metal, four poster bed with a canopy.
      Or without..........:sweat Whatever I can find, really.

      So, what have you for your SD kids? Have you had to make it?
    15. Hmm I can't say that I have seen those kinds of beds for sale but
      Dollmore.net and Iplehouse.net both sell beds as well as other furniture. Volksusa.com (?) sales sofas and what not

      Iple: http://www.iplehouse.net/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20050912095243
      Dollmore: http://dollmore.net/shop/step0.php?b_code=B20071002024805&c_code=C20071002025423

      Meant to add good luck and hope you find some stuff you like online or at a nearby store- I have heard of people using animal beds and what not-that may be an option for your canopy bed idea....?
    16. I recently posted this on another thread, so this is a re-post...


      Screen: from Y!J
      Sofa: from Y!J
      Table: from Y!J
      Vase: from Y!J
      Photo album (on the table's shelf): from Y!J
      Lamp: from a local lamp shop
      Asian style tea set: from a local Vietnamese themed interior decoration shop
      Smaller, brown books (on the table's shelf): miniature calendars from 1915-1922, from a local used books shop
      Table cloth: from the scrapbooking section of a local art supply shop
      Cookies: cut from a wafer
      Floral arrangement: from our garden's obliging snowberry bush!

      To summarize: I get much of my stuff from Y!J, and the rest of it from local sources.

      Firebirde, a really talented member of the Swedish doll society who makes furniture, makes a simply lovely bed in a modern asian style that I'll order from her one of these days when I have the funds.... :sweat
    17. Dog beds. I'm serious. Look up pet furniture and you'll find some that are sized about right for the 60 to 67cms dolls. Of course, some of them are going to be somewhat low to the ground but the "sofas" and "hcaise lounges" built for big dogs have longer legs.
    18. Actually most American Girl furniture fits the SDs better than it does the MSDs. I have a number pf pieces in that size & it looks very good. As others have said, Kingstate stuff is wonderful & it does still show up on Ebay every now & then but it's getting more expensive than it used to be.

      Also check out antique shops, flea markets & estate sales. You can find some nice things there. The really fine antiques can be pricey but occasionally there are bargains to be had.