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****FYI! Liria has new order form in place!!!****

Dec 2, 2004

    1. If you have a preorder with Liria, you best trundle over to http://liria.pooroo.net and submit a new order form for your order.

      - Therese
    2. hmm.. every time i click to download I get an error message on my IE and would have to terminate/close website
      I thought Liria would have a much better ordering setup.
      Unfortunately for me, even with her old ordering system I was never able to post a single thing: not a Q, not an order.

      I guess I would have to email her a Q or an order.
    3. The site works fine for me -- in Mozilla Firefox.
      If I were you, I'd pop over to their site and download Firefox. It's free, it's fast, and it kicks IE's proverbial ass.
      Haha, that rhymed.
    4. It works fine for me, and I'm using IE.
    5. Just a note- Liria also has a message up on her 'updates' page that says for those who have a perorder of Elf Lishe to wait to send in their orders until all the actual pricing info and such is released, probably at the end of the week. :grin:

    6. Liria says on the site not to submit an order if you already have a pre-order.
    7. then... oops ^_^;;;;;
    8. Janne, where do you see that? Because I remember she said that everyone who had a preorder on the board would still have to submit a new order form when it was available.

      And yes, lady_firehair is right, there is a note about waiting if your preorder was for Elf Lishe... *sigh* but Friday IS the end of the week (its Friday where I am) assuming that CP isn't open over the weekend.

      I can't take it much longer............ *Lisheeee* [pulls self together]

      - Therese
    9. Oh, trust me, Therese, I'm pacing too!

      I've been trying to be so patient!

      I think Liria probably has a record of pre-orders and will contact us. At least I hope so!
    10. We all wil have to submit new orders, just not yet. :( Look on Liria's Updates page under To All Elf Lishe Buyers.There's not much there, but at least it's something! (and don't worry, I think we're all about to foam at the mouth waiting for Lishe! -you're in good company) I'm sure that as soon as we can send in our orders, Liria will let us- she knows how impatient we are.