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G a r a h i m eF e e d b a c k

Jan 5, 2009

    1. [​IMG]
      ◆If I bought from you please leave feed back!!◆
      Positive 0

      Neutral 0

      Negative 0

      ◆☆ O T H E R ♪ F E E D ♪ B A C K:◆
      H E R E
      Thank you for the feedback!!!!!!
    2. I recently sold a head to Garahime and it was a wonderful transaction. After the initial PM, she paid quickly and held great communication with me over PM. I would gladly sell another item to her without hesitation. :)
    3. Garahime bought a pair of eyes from me. Fantastic buyer, great communication, fast payment-- a perfect transaction from every angle. Thank you very much. :)
    4. I sold a pair of eyes to Garahime. The transaction was great. She paid quickly and communicated well. Thanks!!
    5. I sold a wig to garahime and she was polite, curteous, and paid quickly.

      thank you! <3