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Gangster Dolls - (Hexah and Pavel)

Jul 28, 2017

    1. Has anyone also bought this head?


      I've never heard of Pavel or Hexah before they showed up on my Instagram timeline this week. When I saw this head I felt it looked a little like Soom and Switch dolls (too companies I love dearly). I liked it immediately but was afraid to buy (they were only taking e-mail orders, only 30 heads are going to be made - the infos were on their blog ?????? ???? : ???̹? ???α?). So I searched here in DOA and found out Hexah used to be a sculptor from Soom. And I felt a little better about it and ended up buying the head (well Paypal have buyer protection also if anything happens).
      Anyway, I've only started buying dolls less than 2 years ago, I didn't know there were so many artists producing heads and whole BJDs. Is it comom to have this email only orders? And only 30 units? Some artists sell through Etsy and Ebay also, right? Is there a place where we can index these artists who doesn't have a "company website"?
      Do new artists and new dolls have to be pre approved to be talked about here in DOA? If they chose not to advertise here, should I talk to a moderator before posting anything?
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    2. I've never heard of Hexan before, but I am following Pavel on instagram. Pavel is a very skilled face up artist who often does switch face ups. When I saw that they were making this head, I really wanted it, but the shipping is just so expensive and I didn't have a body for it >_<

      I think it's pretty common for artists to do email only orders, especially if they don't have their own established company yet. Rumpledoll is another example of an artist who just started making and selling heads. The first order for his doll Morfeo was email only, and he only had 10 units to sell!

      I don't know anything about whether or not a mod had to accept these companies into DoA before we can post about them, but I think Saga matches all the bjd criteria for the website. I hope you can post more about him when you get him! I'd love to see owner pictures!
    3. Oh! It's nice to know Pavel is a known faceup artist!!! Thats why this head looked like both Soom and Switch! :) And I feel better to know its common for artists to do email orders, with only a few units. Thank you so much for all the info!
      I'm so excited for him to arrive, I only have one Ringdoll Grown so I hope the head fits and the resin match isn't so of. I'll post pictures as soon as I get him! Thanks again!:)
    4. As you've noticed, there are many, many, many independent artists out there these days. Often many just produce heads.

      If the artist is a member here, they must submit a new head for evaluation, as per the Submission section in the Criteria for Doll Inclusion (found under the Rules tab). Sometimes the procedure is done by a dealer representing them, especially if the artist isn't a member.

      An individual artist may not operate an entire "company website", but may be selling through their personal blog, Etsy, their Flickr or Instagram account, or even their Facebook or other social media site page. Any of those become in effect their official "sale site" and, of course, the transaction would likely be done via email, since those sites (excepting Etsy) don't have shopping cart/purchasing modules set up.

      If neither are members on the forum, when you get your head, you can show it to the mods in the Ask the Moderators section. Let us know what information you have about the artist, and a site/page/account link. You must also include a couple of close-up, clear photos of the head without a wig, showing the front, the back, and the interior. The mod team will take a look, discuss, and get back to you about if it complies with the forum criteria. The procedure is basically the same for a full doll.
    5. Thank you so much for all the info!! I will read the Criteria for dolls inclusion. I remember I read these rules once but I couldn't find them again, that is why I asked if new heads had to be approved. I guess going to take a few months for it to arrive but as soon as I get I'll follow your instructions here. I print screen your message so it will be easier for me to find the instructions when it arrives. Thanks again! :)
    6. Hello honey! :3

      I bought the head too, and the truth had known Pavel for a long time for her beautiful make-up.

      I personally love Switch molds for what I love from the first moment I saw Saga

      I talked to her a lot about the subject of payment and details like makeup and that, and the truth has given me enough security.

      quiet! I hope you enjoy your Saga as much as I do when he arrives.
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    7. How nice!! :) it's great to know someone who bought it also!
      So you know Pavel for a while! I feel better now. Did you get with her faceup? I wish I could but I didn't have the money. So I'll do it myself...

      If the head is approved here in DOA please post pictures!

      Do you already have a body for it. I only have a Ringdoll so I hope it looks nice! :)

    8. Yes! I asked for it with Face-up, because I love how she makes up the heads, and of course, If she does not send the data of the mold I will try to send them to me so that it is approved by DOA

      And no, I do not even have a body for him, I'll try the one I have on my Ryuzo to see if it suits him, and he probably asks for one like that, the ringdoll bodies are beauty..I hope it looks nice :) <3
    9. Oh no, I missed him! D: He's so perfect! I saw him while randomly browsing instagram and was immediately in love. I had never hear of the sculptor before though, so I had trouble finding the website. He's so perfect, I am kicking myself for missing out! Do you think he's likely to be released again? I hope so! :eusa_pray
    10. I do hope they release him again! :) And I think it's Hexah's first head and it was sold out in only I few hours of the first selling day. So I think he might consider releasing it again and maybe new heads!! I'd love that!
    11. That he sold out so fast is a good sign! Do you think sending an e-mail to Pavel (I can't seem to find Hexah's e-mail) letting them know that there's interest in a re-release would help?
    12. Maybe! I always send it, to let them know there are people interested in buying. Maybe it would be a good idea to message Hexah through Instagram, since he is the sculptor (Pavel is the faceup artist). Or maybe send messages to both.

      HeXaH_K (@hexah_k) • Instagram photos and videos
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    13. Bumping this up with a question: is Gangster Doll now on-topic for DoA? And does that mean this is the discussion thread for their sculpts? If not, I would love to make one ^^
    14. Gangsterdoll is on topic! When my Saga head arrived I asked the moderators, send photos and they told me it was on topic. When I created this thread I didn’t know much about sculptors so I was insecure about impulse buying the head because I’ve never heard of them. So it was only to know if anyone had heard about Hexah and Pavel and bought from them. If you want to start a new thread it would be great! Or if you think this one can turn into a thread I could edit the tittle :)
    15. @Jordana I think this thread would make a good start for the discussion thread, it has helpful info about the artists that we'd probably want to discuss anyways :)
    16. Oh great! I changed the name to Gangster dolls (because they now have many heads besides Saga). :)
    17. @Jordana awesome! Thank you ^^ So you have a Saga head? Have you gotten him a body? I'm trying to figure out hybrid ideas for my own boy, I just got an H.Saga home <3 Do you think Switch bodies work?
    18. I've had him for almost an year now, but I haven't decide on the body yet. The head is bigger than the other SDs I own. I only have Ringdoll RGM3, DF-H and soon I'll have Guu doll 68 body. I'll probably try the head on all of them (lately I've been thinking about selling it). I think it will probably look good on Switch body!
      #18 Jordana, Mar 30, 2019
      Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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    19. Such beautiful heads and I am so sorry that I found out about them too late. Not having time to preorder Yeger literally for a couple of weeks. I knew that some of them were released several times and waited for the order to be opened again. But in one and a half years, this did not happen. It breaks my heart. I am preparing to look for those who want to sell it. But they were so few.:pout:
    20. I know how you feel, it sucks discovering something only to find out you’re too late. I’ve been in the hobby for a little while now, but I still find myself missing out on amazing sculpts due to either lack of knowledge or bad timing. I want Yeger so bad but it’s been a while now, I don’t know if I’ll ever find him second hand. :atremblin