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gaylejoy feedback

Oct 18, 2007

    1. Hi All, here is my thread link for all feedback:roll:
    2. Fun, smart, creative, and everything EXCELLENT! If you have the chance to buy from or sell to Gayle, you will have a wonderful experience! I highly recommend her, and want to mention her flawless Ebay reputation, as well. A super great gal! She purchased a head from me, and of course, everything went perfectly and fast. Thanks! :D
    3. gaylejoy bought a body from me and she was way sweet to do business with. She also pays prompty and answers PM in a kind and polite way! I highly recommand her! ^O^
    4. Sold a doll head and some wigs to gaylejoy, what a fast & friendly transaction!
      I know gayle from other boards, and if you get a chance to deal with her, I highly recommend it :)
      Thanks so much!
    5. gaylejoy bought a custom head from me and it was a great transaction! She paid quickly, was in good contact, and let me know when she received it! Thanks!

    6. Gaylejoy purchased two bodies from me - a DDII and a Bobobie girl. Nothing but a great experience here. She paid immediately, was great fun to talk to, and has such enthusiasm that... well.... Instead of saving me from buying more dolls I'm back looking in the market again! How did that happen? ;)

      Highly recommended. :)
    7. Gayle bought some eyes from me and she was truly a joy to deal with.
    8. I sold a Domuya Flexi-N body to her, payment was quick and communication was courteous and prompt. :D
    9. Great to deal with; good communication; recommended as a buyer!
    10. Great buyer :) fast payment
    11. fast payment, good communication, and she do not forget to leave a feedback ! thank you very much !
    12. Gayle is a fantastic buyer. Great pms, fast payment and just wonderful to deal with. She bought a doll body from me and everythign went perfectly.
    13. Gayle purchased a wig from me. The transaction was excellent. Fast payment, great communication. A pleasure to sell to. Thanks!
    14. Gayle purchased a Bobobie head from me. She paid fast and was super nice. Thank you so much! ^_^
    15. Sold a Sooah head to Gaylejoy, prompt payment, quick transaction, quite nice overall ^.^ Thanks again!
    16. Gaylejoy purchased an Elfdoll body from me and paid immediately. The entire transaction was smooth and easy, and she was great with communication. Couldn't ask for a better buyer! Thank you! :D
    17. gaylejoy bought some eyes from me. she paid very quickly and was an awesome buyer!
    18. Gaylejoy bought 2 pair eyes from me, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction, she paid fast and has excellent communication. Thanks!!!
    19. gaylejoy is an extremely sweet person and is excellent to do business with. She bought a pair of eyes from me, paid quickly, and was also quick to response to my messages. A highly recommended seller! :aheartbea
    20. gaylejoy was a darling to sell to!

      Very fast payment and communication. I would love to do business with you again!
      Thank you so much. :aheartbea