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GDF Ani from Luts

Aug 18, 2004

    1. New release from Luts is Ggoma Delf Ani. (Boy type)
      Preorder starts on 18th August and the order will be shipped around 20th September.
      Price : $265 (Event price)
      (shipping fee is not included)





      * Ani(Girl) will be released soon.
    2. *melts*

      i need money.............. >_< no i can't think about that now >_<
    3. Cuuuuuute!
    4. He's super cute!
    5. LUTS makes the cutest little boys. XD The Ani girl sounds very tempting!... Thank you for sharing these photos. At the price, I'm guessing face-up/wig/eyes are not included?
    6. Sienna,
      will he come with Faceup?

    7. SO cute! It's so much easier to see all the pics in the forum too. I'm so glad you're here, Sienna! I always look forward to your posts~!
    8. Super cute little alien face ^-^. Bet it will look sweet as a girl, too.
    9. How ultra adorable!!! Do these dolls have those cute elf ears too?

      Ahhhh!!! Too many dolls, too little money!!!

      :::running off screaming:::

      :cry: :cry: :cry:
    10. Ooooow those eyes are soooo appealing .... :cry:
      I am not a big MSD fan but this doll is added to my wanted list ...
    11. Ohhh...sweet goodness he is adorable...I ...think i might need one....*nod*

      ~Allestra :cry:
    12. He's lovely, I really like the shape of his eyes. :grin:

      Although I'm trying not to stray into collecting MSD sized dolls, it'd mean a whole new lot of shoes and clothes to buy! :D
    13. Question; will Ani be availabe later on also, or is he limited to just a one time order? I won't be able to afford him till after X-mas probably and of all the other MSDs I've seen , he's just the cutest and would make a great little brother to my Natski... The Unoa order is coming up, so I want to get those two dolls first, since they are limited.
    14. Thank you, Sienna! He's so cute!!!
    15. maybe this is a wierd questin to ask, but what type of hands do the Ggoma Delfs come with?? I don't think I've ever seen a pic of their hands. I love the Delf hands.


    16. Ani is not a limited release. All the Luts dolls have no makeup, but makeup order is possible.
    17. Thank you for the info. I'll add him to my after x-mas wish list... :)
    18. He's cute and has a resemblence to Blue Fairy Jerome...(I know cos my Jerome has arrived! Pics to follow later!)
    19. Dumb question. How tall are these dollies?
    20. :D
      Someone already asked, but I'll ask again, because I don't see an answer: does this little beauty have pointed ears, or no?