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geek Monthly feature on BJDs

Nov 20, 2008

    1. The December issue of geek monthly has an article on BJDs and the community. DoA is mentioned, as well as a few of our New York collectors. With quotes/interviews from shiroi_yukiko, phreekk and rolopuppet. There's also pics from a NY meet up and personal pics of member's dolls. A totally awesome article in a popular magazine. I hope everyone checks it out! And yes there's a whole page on Sulla XD

      here's their website:
      shioroi_yukiko has posted scans on post #19
    2. Can we buy this at borders or barnes & noble? I don't remember seeing it.
    3. I've seen Geek at Best Buy near the checkout. :)
    4. oh wow what a greta looking mag- is it available anywhere in the uk? If not, is someone prepared to do scans???
    5. I got my copies (errr, copies...) at Blockbuster video. Probably larger bookstores (though Phreekk couldn't get it at a local B&N, it might be at others?) and "nerdy" places, like comic shops and electronics stores.

      Not sure if its in the UK. I'll probably scan it at some point though.
    6. I don't think you can get it in the UK but if you look around places like Waterstones, Borders and Forbidden Planet you might find it amongst some US import magazine.
    7. If anyone can't get it, let me know. My friend's comic shop carries it, and he usually has issues to spare. I'm sure he'd be willing to ship some out.
    8. I did actually find it at Barnes & Noble. (My boy is in it too!)
    9. I did a search on B&N and Boarders' websites. Neither one came back with any results. So thanks for reporting you can actually find the magazine there! :) I'll check out our local Borders this weekend.
    10. My local Best Buy had September's issue! I'd love a copy, so likely will call my Barnes and Noble.
    11. Did anyone ever find extra copies? I found ZERO here in my town, the only place that carried it got TWO copies in and they were gone when I called about it.
    12. At this point, since the magazine is no longer possible to find (not that it was ever very easy anyway) I don't mind scanning the article. My personal computer is down right now, so I don't have access to my scanner, but I'll do it ASAP. ^_^
    13. That would be great, shiroi_yukiko! :)
    14. I'd love to see some scans if you get a moment to do them. There isn't anywhere near me unfortunately that carries import mags...
    15. Hmmm... I'd love to see some scans. I'm doing a report, and how people from "outside" the hobby view/describe the dolls is a primary part of it.
    16. Oh I love Geek magazine. I can't believe I missed this issue.
    17. Oh jeez, I forgot all about this! I am scanning now. Promise. ^__^
    18. did anyone check to see if libraries subscribe to the magazine?
    19. Okay, here are the scans. Sorry for the many months of delay and forgetfulness! They are not beautiful, but they are pretty big. And I did not have a say in the pics they used, unfortunately. ;_; The article was written by JosephKizDead.

      Page 1

      Page 2

      Page 3
    20. Wow, great article. Thanks so much for scanning it.