ReRelease 'Gella' Renewal Re-release + Heel Feet Award Event

Jun 12, 2018

    1. Hello, It's FOVEO.

      Today's updated products and event guide.


      A lot of customers have been waiting for 'Gella' has been re-released.
      From this release, you can always make purchases and face-up of antique coral skin.
      And Salmon white skin can be purchased for about one week.

      (Until 18th,June)


      Heel feet parts for the classic 43 girls body have been released.
      Designed with an overall curve, it is compatible with heel shoes.

      In addition, for about a week, we are selling Salmon White and Old White Skin for past purchasers.
      If you wish to purchase this color, please use this sale.


      In addition, if you purchase the Gella full doll until June 18th,
      you can get free heel feet parts.

      And until June 18th, Salmon white skin sales of other dolls were opened:)
      Please note that those who waited for the whitening skin purchase.

      If you have any questions, please use the Q&A board.

      Thank you.

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      Twitter: @foveo_samieru
      Instagram: foveo_samieru
      Facebook: _FOVEO
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