New Doll GEM 1/4 new dolls and Event

Apr 18, 2019

    1. Hello dear ,
      We are very happy to announce the start of the sale of 1/4 male size.Today we will relaesed two 1/4 dolls “Dried flower elf” .And I think you will love them.More details will be found in

      Background&character settings:
      When the 15th century rose war broke out, the Lancaisi family fled in the middle of the night. The fog is rising, and the younger son Henry is lost in the forest.
      The lost Henry met the dried flower elf “Andy’s” in the depths of the forest.
      In the weird forest, the dry leaves of the ground, Andy is sitting on a rocking chair like a doll. The round table is filled with hot tea and different sheep head ornaments. The ground is scattered books.
      The inverted bird cage, running out a crow, said to Henry: “You are here, come here…
      Andisi:1/4 bjd girl doll,Andisi – GEM OF DOLL
      Henry:1/4 bjd boy doll,Henry – GEM OF DOLL

      date from April 18th to May 31th
      1. All dolls cut 15% off;
      2. If you order a doll,you will get a same size head(Optional) as a gift;
      3. If your order achieve 799$,you can get a 1/8 nude doll(white skin)as a gift.
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    2. do you have blank sculpt pictures of both of them?
    3. In addition to what purple_monkfish asked, is there any nude photos of the male doll body itself so we can see the sculpt of the body? This is the first male 1/4th you've produced. I know you sell the girl bodies separately so will the boy body also be available on its own?
    4. Hello dear,
      We will update body's picture this week.
      Here is the head picture~~~Thank you ~
    5. Hello dear,
      We will update body this can be sold seperetely~Thank u