Event GEM 2018 Halloween Event.Free dolls and gifts

Oct 16, 2018

    1. Hello dear
      We have started Halloween event. I think you can enjoy this event.
      Date from Oct 16th to 31th
      1.All dolls and parts cut 15% off;
      2.If you order 1/3 fullset doll,you can get a nude mask as a gift;
      3.If your order achieve 699$,
      you can get a 1/8 nude doll as a gift;
      If your order achieve 899$,
      you can get a 1/6 nude doll as a gift.

      Gift doll can be only chose white/ normal pink skin.
      mask gift pictures.



      You can send e-mails to [email protected] when you want to place your orders.Thank you.
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