New Doll GEM of Doll 1/4 limited doll and 618 EVENT

Jun 10, 2020

    1. 618 is the Chinese shopping carnival, second only to 11.11, so this time we bring 1/4 of new dolls and generous activities. The following is the content of the activities. I hope you will like it and enjoy them!
      from July 15th to 18th
      1. All dolls cut 20% off, all parts cut 15% off(limited items do not enjoy);
      2. 1/4 BJD new dolls 红石璃Ho Chily&白泽雅Bo Zeya will start to be ordered and will be a surprice price(Outfit: 150$, Nude doll price : 220$, Fullset price: 499$)
      3. If you order a nude doll,you can get a free same size head or free face up;
      4. If you order a fullset doll,you can get a free body blush;
      5. Green and gray skin will no extra money.

      PS .
      1. New 1/4 doll and GAIA can not enjoy event 1,3,4 and 5.
      2. Agent can not enjoy this event, you can just order it in our website.

      Ho Chily红石璃:Limited items, 1/4 BJD 红石璃 -
      Bo Zeya白泽雅:Limited items, 1/4 BJD 白泽雅 -

      Ho Chily红石璃 outfit:
      Bo Zeya白泽雅 outfit:1/4 BJD 白泽雅Bo Zeya outfit -

      無色の世界には何もありません。あなたはそれを感じることができず、あなたは何も見ることができません。人間の世界への隙間から見えないすべりに奇妙なものがあります。 この物質は、彼らはそれをサブと呼びます。
      アダムスが偶然に人間の世界に来たとき、彼らは花、茂み、本、あるいは鳥にさえ変わることができました。 しかし、彼らは複雑な人間の世界に来たので、人々の否定的な感情を吸収し、自分の力に進化し、意識的に人間を傷つけてより多くのエネルギーを得ました。
      白泽雅と红石璃、無色の世界に非常に近い領域で重要なタスクを実行するために選ばれました。 時々ホン・シリはアジアを抑圧するために力を使わなければならなかった。
      June 15th to 18th
      Outfit: 150$
      Nude doll price : 220$(tan or gray skin need additonal fees)
      Fullset price: 499$(tan or gray skin need additonal fees)
      June19th to July 18th
      Outfit: 170$
      Nude doll price : 240$(tan or gray skin need additonal fees)
      Fullset price: 540$(tan or gray skin need additonal fees)
      July 19th to Sep 18th
      Outfit: 180$
      Nude doll price : 260$(tan or gray skin need additonal fees)
      Fullset price: 580$(tan or gray skin need additonal fees)
      The doll will be discontinued after this time.
      If you want to do a layaway, you can contact [email protected]
      We can do a layaway for you .

      More details:
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    2. do you have a photo of the new girl's faces blank/without faceup?

      thank you
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    3. Hello,you can visit the doll links, we have updated it ,thank u
    4. What do the outfits actually include? None of the pictures seem to show the outfit fully (either with the doll standing straight, or just the outfit pieces), so I can't tell. Do they come with shoes? Does Ho Chily come with a hat? Those masks are part of the outfit, right? I can't quite tell.
      Thank you.
    5. hi , our website have updated it . i will give you links:
      Ho Chily outfit: 1/4 BJD 红石璃 Ho Chily outfit -
      Bo Zeya outfit: 1/4 BJD 白泽雅Bo Zeya outfit -
      Mask will not inclued the outfit.But fullset doll have it
    6. Hi there! I am super happy to have ordered the full set of Ho Chily from Alice’s Collection at the end of last month, and while I wait, I will be happily making her a bunch of clothes, but I was wondering: what kind of feet does she have? I didn’t see it stated in the listing, and I can’t tell from the photos whether her feet are regular or heeled. I am very happy either way, but I need to know so that I can get her more pairs of shoes! ^__^