Limited Items GEM of Doll 1/4 limited dolls 50 sets all over the world

Jun 29, 2018

    1. Hello dear
      This is the first time for GEM of Doll to design a limited items.
      Many people want to a Dark Style dolls from us.And now you will have a chance.


      Limited doll Awaken Rose

      Skin color : white skin

      Sales time : July 2,2018

      Limited Qty : 50 sets (all over the world)

      The product will be sold out when the order achieve 50 sets


      Character Setting
      Title: Rophet

      In the Aranoke tribe,
      Divination has the same important status and power as the main sacrifice.
      As tribal prophet,
      Doline has a noble moral cultivation.
      She has profound knowledge of natural science and theology.
      In the process of prophecy, Dolin often used aviaries such as crows and eagles to divination and good fortune.

      As early as three thousand years ago,
      The "Eye of God" has learned about the Celtics invasion.
      So she left the redemption character of the tribe early in the bamboo scroll of the historical page.

      Character Setting
      Title: Awakener

      The blooming roses always stimulate Dora's endless potential.
      As the most respected priest of the Alanoque desert,
      Dora has a strong appeal.
      She is good at summoning a variety of immortal ghosts (such as zombies) to work for her.

      Before the Celtics invaded,
      She dusted herself in an ancient tomb under the desert.
      Whenever desert people are being massacred,
      The blood all over the place dyed the entire Alanoque,
      Bloody roses bloom from the edge of the desert.
      The root of the rose grows soaring vertically down to the ground.
      Until Dora’s left hand is connected,
      The Alanook people's blood is awakened at this moment!

      Fullset include :

      Doll,face up,Body blush,wig, all parts in the glass cover,Glass cover

      Notice:The doll in the glass cover is a upper body,but we will ship her other body parts.

      Contact us:
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      Doreen: limited doll,1/4bjd,Doreen,Rophet ,awaken rose_1/4(40-45cm)_GEMdoll_GEM of Doll

      If you have any question,you can feel free to ask me .thank you .
      e-mai: [email protected]

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