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GEM of Doll 40-45cm part 1

Aug 13, 2016

    1. #1 GEM-GEM of Doll, Aug 13, 2016
      Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, 2016
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    2. Big Bady Measurements:

      - Height: 40.5cm
      - Head Circumference: 23cm
      - Eyes: 16mm
      - Neck: 9cm
      - Shoulder Width:9.3cm
      - Arm Length: 12.2cm
      - Chest: 19.2cm
      - Waist: 17.5cm
      - Hip: 22cm
      - Leg Length: 19.5cm
      - Thigh Width: 13.2cm
      - Foot Length: 5.2cm
      - Foot Width: 2.3cm
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    3. Thought I was done saving up for dolls.. then I realized Gem of doll has green skin and found Sofiar... I am now saving for another doll! xD I love her!
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    4. I heard they pose really really nicely :D Good luck saving for your new girl!
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    5. Thank you, that's really nice to know! :D I'll do my best!
    6. Hey all, I'm new to dolls and want a Gem of Doll Sofier, does anyone have any idea of their poseability and quality? I've read above that the poseability is good, just wondering about everything else!
    7. Oh wow, is this really all there is on the mini GEM of Dolls so far?

      I'm really tempted to pick up that cupid Moky ... but I'm a little bit conflicted about resin colors. A lot of the pictures seem to have different filters on them, which makes it a little hard to pin down the true shades. I'm a little worried about the white skin being a little bit too shockingly white with the pink-toned faceup/blushing offered, and was hoping someone might have some examples of a GEM of Doll in white, normal pink or normal yellow resin?
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    8. I have two on order. One of their giant BB's Miroro. And one of their brand new 1/4 girls, Ainny. :)

      Through Alice's Collections.

      I will post lots of photos when they arrive! :D
    9. Did they arrive yet? :ablink:
    10. They have, but Ainny is getting a new face up :3 So it'll be a while yet before she is photo ready.

      I want to re-paint Miroro maybe next year, but she is quite cute. Here's a photo of her:

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    11. @wherethelilacsbloom // Oooh my gosh, she's adorable! I love her shiny little nose and peachy lips! And that outfit! Too, too precious!
    12. Adorable! Did you get them the company face up?
    13. Ok, I recently found this company and I'm hooked:ablink:
      Just can't decide which doll I will order at first.
      They are simply too many cuties to choose from :love
    14. Ordered a Mococo fullset today with 20% winter event discount from ACs.
      She is such a gorgeous girl. Her sweet eyes and those cheeks :XD:<3
      Hopefully she will be at home in about 3 months.
      Also ordered a pair of turquoise Mako jewelry eyes for her.
      Can't wait!:dance
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    15. I just got a shipping notice from Soom. My Little Gem Nightgardener has shipped! Totally caught me by surprise. She is the first doll that I have ordered in a very long time and will be my second bjd. So I got the fullset (everything!!!) except for a wig I think. The wig was sold out. Both normal head and romantic head, flashy eyes, outfit, wings, the works. I am so excited....but a little nervous. We will see when she gets delivered!!
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    16. I'm excited about the new male bodies! I mostly collect male MSDs but I've had my eye on GEM as a company for quite a while~
    17. My Mococo hasn't shipped out yet but I already consider to order Andisi :aangel:
    18. Me: Why would I wait to push that buy button?:ablink: It feels stupid to not to order her right away.

      So now I did it! :XD:
    19. Mococo has been at home for a while now and here she is :D
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    20. And now its time for my second GEM doll.
      Andisi has arrived.:D
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