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Limited Items GEM OF DOLL 6th Annivesary Limited dolls

Oct 8, 2019

    1. Hello everyone,
      To celebrate the 6th anniversary, we specially designed the 6th anniversary of the Tibetan version of the doll.
      “Bright God ” Maya: 1/3 bjd,Maya, 6th anniversary – GEM OF DOLL
      20 sets of limited edition

      “Night Punisher ” Mamba:
      1/3 bjd,Mamba, 6th anniversary – GEM OF DOLL
      20 sets of limited edition

      Date from Oct 8th to Nov 30th
      1. All dolls cut 20% off;
      2. limited doll EVENT
      a. limited doll cut 20% off and fullset doll will get a pair of Joint hands,Oct 8th to 31th
      b. limited doll cut 15% off and fullset doll ,Joint hands wil eb need to buy it yourself,Nov 1 to 30th

      The full set includes: nude doll, makeup, clothes, wigs, shoes, headwear, official eyes, snake sticks, snake stick makeup
      ***If the doll is sold out in advance, we will be removed in advance.


      If you have any question, you can feel free to ask me.
      email: 644327099@qq.com
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