Event GEM of doll August event

Aug 1, 2020

    1. Time from Aug 3rd to Sep 15th
      1. Dolls cut 15% off,and parts cut 10% off(limited items can not enjoy this);
      2. If you order one of these fullset doll+body blush, you can get a free same size head as a gift; Ho Chily, Bo zeya, gladys,Brock,Kayla,Hannah.
      3. The new Capricorn doll will be officially on sale at the end of August. If you pay a deposit of 50 in advance, you can enjoy the benefit of 50 deducting 100 (limited to the official website)
      4. GAIA have the last five chance.2 white,2 tan,and 1 gray fullset. So order her for now or never~~

      Capricorn doll: -
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      If you have any question,you can feel free to ask us. Thank you.
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    2. How much will Capricorn be once she is released?
      Is it just the head or a full doll and what size is she?

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    3. Will there be more colour options for that head or will it only be in that grey tone?
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    4. Yes, I'd also like to know what size Capricorn is! If they're 1/4, I'm definitely interested.
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    5. Definitely want some more info on what Capricorn's going to look like finished.
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    6. Will the horn parts for Capricorn be available separately, or only as part of the doll?
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    7. Is the Capricorn doll going to be on a girl or boy body? Also, will there be other fantasy parts, or just horns?
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    8. The price have not updated, and she is 1/4 size . She will be fullset items

      OH have white/ normal pink,tan and gray skin

      Yes she is 1/4 size

      will be nude doll or fullset

      Well ,more details will be updated on Aug 25th
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    9. Thank you! I will eagerly await the announcement! :)
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    10. Thank you for your reply, looking so much forward to see this doll in full, it's got so much potential! Love the direction you're going in with fantasy inspired/themed dolls.