Gem of Doll Discussion

May 8, 2020

    1. Hello! I looked and could not find a thread on Gem of Doll. Everything seems to be from 2018 and before. I just ordered a full set Andisi and I’m SO excited. I ordered direct from their website and paid in full as a “purchase” in PayPal. Just wondering if anyone has recent experience with them and how it went. Thanks!
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    2. I love gem of doll! They make beautiful and lovely quality dolls. I have four chubby BB gem of doll girls. Also I only waited two months for my last two girls!
    3. That’s good to hear! What country are you in?
    4. I have a Sofiar in green and she's gorgeous. And they shipped her within like 5 weeks which was nuts.

      There IS a gem thread but as you said, it's not really been updated in a while. We should ressurect it.
    5. Awesome! I totally agree about the thread. Maybe people just don’t order much Gem of Doll lately?
    6. I’m looking to get the same doll. Do you happen to have a picture of her?
    7. Login • Instagram Hopefully this will link you? I can't get tumblr to work atm to upload a picture more sensibly.
    8. Yeah that worked! Thank you! She is awesome!
    9. No worries. I keep umming and ahhing about whether I want to partially wipe her factory faceup (she wasn't supposed to come with one, they accidentally did it and let me have it for free lol) so I can get her closer to my other dolls and also fix the wierd orange blush which i'm not a fan of (I prefer blue or green blush on green dolls honestly) but then I chicken out because it's honestly really nicely done.
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    10. I have a Murphy and a Karben/Carben. Their olls are absolutely beautiful and the outfits, if you get fullsets, are absolutely amazing Especially Karbens.

      I bought Muprhy second-hand, but I bought Karben though Alice's Collections and it took only about three months.
    11. I wasn't planning to buy 1/4 size dolls because I find 1/3 more suitable for me, but Lanska seems to hit right into my aesthetic preferences, so I might have to make an exception. Gem of Doll just makes such beautiful clothes.
    12. I just ordered the Gem of Doll Ho Chily and I am really excited but also nervous. I haven't seen anyone post much about GoD on here, but I've seen some bad reviews from 2018. Hopefully she will meet my expectations, because she is the first fullset doll I've felt compelled to buy and actually had the money for! *Crossing my fingers*. I feel a bit better about it since seeing some of your positive comments, though.
    13. Congrats! I love GEM. I haven’t had any issues with them and they have been shipping really fast this year. The only negative thing is that my Sofiar was a little “roughly” sanded in some of her joints. It could have been cleaner. Otherwise I have other dolls from them and no issues. :3nodding:
    14. Oh, thanks so much for letting me know! I am glad to hear they have been shipping fast this year. With the holiday season coming up in Europe and the Americas, it’s possible they might have a higher volume of orders, but I am crossing my fingers. Either way, I am quite excited.
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    15. Hi all! Has anyone had experience buying gem of doll through Legenddoll? I have heard really bad customer service/shipping stories about buying directly. Also, how are their faceups in real life?
    16. I have used Legend Doll for other dolls without issue. I also use Alice Collections. Gem of Doll can be a little patchy with communication if you order directly BUT they do respond. Sometimes it takes a few days. The faceups are always lovely, in my opinion. I have never had any shipping issues with them but I do want to say that sometimes a doll will just show up without any shipping notice.
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    17. Oo okay, good to know! Thank you!:)

    18. I haven't bought anything from Gem of Doll yet but I've had good experiences buying other things through Legend Doll and Alice's Collections. Alice's Collections offers free express shipping to the U.S., if you buy a doll that is over 40 cm tall so that might be cheaper, if you want one of those.
    19. The faceups look beautiful in this video I found by Dollybammy. It shows Violet and Mary in Daphne's outfit. Does anyone have Mary's outfit?

    20. I have a Murphy that is several years old and a Karben from 2019. While Murphy's aface-up is still nice, I prefer Karben's and a lot o the newer dolls I've seen. I feel the company face-ups look brighter/crisper/more refined. I purchased GoD through Alice's and had no problems, though I have heard ordering directly can be troublesome, largely due to a language barrier.
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