Gem of Doll Discussion

May 8, 2020

    1. Hello! I looked and could not find a thread on Gem of Doll. Everything seems to be from 2018 and before. I just ordered a full set Andisi and I’m SO excited. I ordered direct from their website and paid in full as a “purchase” in PayPal. Just wondering if anyone has recent experience with them and how it went. Thanks!
    2. I love gem of doll! They make beautiful and lovely quality dolls. I have four chubby BB gem of doll girls. Also I only waited two months for my last two girls!
    3. That’s good to hear! What country are you in?
    4. I have a Sofiar in green and she's gorgeous. And they shipped her within like 5 weeks which was nuts.

      There IS a gem thread but as you said, it's not really been updated in a while. We should ressurect it.
    5. Awesome! I totally agree about the thread. Maybe people just don’t order much Gem of Doll lately?
    6. I’m looking to get the same doll. Do you happen to have a picture of her?
    7. Login • Instagram Hopefully this will link you? I can't get tumblr to work atm to upload a picture more sensibly.
    8. Yeah that worked! Thank you! She is awesome!
    9. No worries. I keep umming and ahhing about whether I want to partially wipe her factory faceup (she wasn't supposed to come with one, they accidentally did it and let me have it for free lol) so I can get her closer to my other dolls and also fix the wierd orange blush which i'm not a fan of (I prefer blue or green blush on green dolls honestly) but then I chicken out because it's honestly really nicely done.
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    10. I have a Murphy and a Karben/Carben. Their olls are absolutely beautiful and the outfits, if you get fullsets, are absolutely amazing Especially Karbens.

      I bought Muprhy second-hand, but I bought Karben though Alice's Collections and it took only about three months.
    11. I wasn't planning to buy 1/4 size dolls because I find 1/3 more suitable for me, but Lanska seems to hit right into my aesthetic preferences, so I might have to make an exception. Gem of Doll just makes such beautiful clothes.