New Doll GEM of Doll new 1/4 doll—Fragrant Grasse

Jan 11, 2020

    1. Hello dear
      Well, we just released new 1/4 bjd dolls——Fragrant Grasse Series
      Doll and outfit can be ordered seperately.

      In the thirteen years of the Empire, the talented perfumers of the Grasse family set off the perfume revolution of the entire capital.
      Violette was born with a keen sense of smell, as if it was a flower elf assigned by God. Her perfume tailored for the queen was praised by the king and became a royal perfumer.
      And her sister Daphne designed a perfume bottle for the perfume, which made the king and aristocrat spend a lot of money for this, but it is rumored that they want to win the favor of their two sisters, and tailor-made a bottle of perfume for you. The price to exchange is not small ...

      Daphne: Fragrant Grasse 1/4 bjd Daphne – GEM OF DOLL
      Violet: Fragrant Grasse 1/4 bjd Violet – GEM OF DOLL

      Daphne outfit: 1/4 bjd Daphne outfit – GEM OF DOLL
      Violet outfit:1/4 bjd Violet outfit – GEM OF DOLL
      If you have any question,you can feel free to ask us.Thank you.
      e-mail: [email protected]
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