New Doll GEM of Doll new 1/4 dolls ,43cm

Jan 8, 2018

    1. Hello everyone,
      Happy new year!!!Today we released two 1/4 dolls ——Verla and Mary.And i think you will love them:lol:

      New dolls event
      Date : Jan 8th to Jan 20th
      1. new dolls will be cut 20% off (nude doll,with face up or fullset)
      2. If you order both dolls,you can get a 1/8 nude doll.
      3. Fullset doll will be got free body blush.
      (Dealars can not to enjoy event 2)


      In the renaissance,the famous artist Michelangelo created a 3 meters painting.When the painting is still not completed,Michelangelo's home ushered in two visitors - Duke of Edward and Duke of Windsor's daughters. The two little princess admire to Michelangelo longly and want to a special visit today.
      They wandered around the hall and marveled for the sculptures and paintings in the house.They came to a gallery and stopped for a moment to enjoy the painting.And this scene was captured by Michelangelo.
      Exactly,the original painting took nearly six months was just needed to add such two beautiful princesses...
      So the Stunning masterpiece came out two weeks later.

      More details:
      1/4bjd, Mary_1/4_GEMdoll_GEM of Doll
      1/4bjd,Verla_1/4_GEMdoll_GEM of Doll

      E-mail : [email protected]
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    2. These almost look like the grown up versions of the Dido and Dedo sculpts. In fact, I noticed you used the same eyes even. What size eyes do these girls wear?
    3. hahahhahah,They have a lot of difference.
      They are all 14mm size,dear.