New Doll GEM of Doll new 1/4 size limited dolls

Nov 30, 2020

    1. Hello dear
      We just released new 1/4 size dolls and think all you will love them.
      New dolls all limited 30 (outfit also 30 sets )sets to the Europe, America, Japan, South Korea.

      Anyone order new dolls or new outfits from our website will be free shipping all over the world before Dec 15th.

      Back ground:

      In the east of the mainland, there is a bird that can speak words, which is cited as a treasure. I am not such a bird, but more pathetic than them. After my blessing was fulfilled for the eleventh time, the look in my father's eyes changed.
      Treasures should be dedicated to the royal family.
      What they didn't know was that Natalie, my unspoken twin sister, could communicate with me.
      I can give a blessing, she can leave a curse.
      I can't imagine how greedy the human heart will do to her.
      "Never speak," my sister and I agreed, and took her by the hand and got on the carriage to Royal palace.
      I am the most honored guest of the royal family, everyone knows.
      I am a bird imprisoned in a cage in this golden and jade king city, nobody knows.
      Blessing needs to burn my life, but obviously no one cares about it. In order to let my sister escape from here, I turned my blessing into a sharp blade, trying to destroy the city when my oil ran out.

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      Natasha doll : 1/4 bjd Natasha,limited item -

      Natasha outfit: 1/4 Natasha outfit -

      Natalie doll: 1/4 bjd Natalie ,limited items -

      Natalie outfit: 1/4 Natalie outfit -
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