New Doll GEM of Doll new dolls:Provence's "Lavender"

Aug 22, 2018

    1. Hello everyone,
      We have released two big baby dolls .New dolls will cut 25% off until Aug 31th.

      Provence's "Lavender"

      Edie and Ina are two little princesses from the ancient town of Arles in South Provence.

      They are invited to the ball in the Pau Castle, which is surrounded by lavender every August.

      Of course, the grand party must be carefully prepared!

      The two little princesses dressed up early in the dressing table.

      They whispered each other while arranging gorgeous costumes in the mirror.

      Discuss what kind of embarrassment will be tonight.

      The wind outside the window is slowly blowing with the scent of lavender.

      Tilting the skirt dotted with layers of lace,

      Open romantic symbols in the summer wind.

      Like the most quiet thoughts, the sweetest,

      As if hiding in the hearts of Edie and Ina,

      The warm and sad feeling that can never be held by the hand.

      - Eyes : 16mm
      - Height: 40.5cm
      - Head Circumference: 23cm
      - Neck Circumference: 9cm
      - Shoulder Width: 9.3cm
      - Arm Length: 12.2cm
      - Chest: 19.2cm
      - Waist: 17.5cm
      - Hips: 22cm
      - Thigh Width: 13.2cm
      - Leg Length: 19.5cm
      - Foot Length: 5.2cm
      - Foot Width: 2.3cm

      e-mail: [email protected]

      If you have any question,you can feel free to ask me.Thank you .
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