Event GEM of Doll Spring Festival + New doll EVENT

Dec 30, 2019

    1. Hello dear,
      The year ended in a hurry, as the finale of the year-end,the Winter Series of Fmble is officially on sale. It is a pity that we did not meet you before Christmas. But it doesn't matter, because good design always takes time to complete, I hope you can enjoy this doll setting! Hereby we have prepared a wealth of Spring Festival activities, come and enjoy it!

      Spring Festival Event
      (We can do a layaway)
      Dec 30th,2019 to Feb 27th
      Event 1(making time 1-2 months)
      1. If you order a doll,you can get a same size head as a gift.(Series of Fmble not included)
      2. All dolls cut 15% off;(Series of Fmble not included)
      3. All parts (head ,body ,outfit and so on)cut 10% off;(Series of Fmble not included)
      4. Gray and Green skin will no additional fees;
      Event 2 Series of Fmble(making time 4 months)
      1. If you order Ymir before Jan 26th, the price is 480$,after this time the price is 500$;
      2. If you order Alfons before Jan 26th, the price is 750$,after this time the price is 800$.

      Event 3 Series of Fmble Alfons outfit open four size(making time 4 months)
      60cm: Bust:
      26cm waist:20cm hip:26cm
      70cm 001: Bust:27.5cm waist:21cm hip:27.5cm (Limited 20)
      70cm 002: Bust:31.5cm waist:23cm hip:29.5cm(Limited 20)
      75cm : Bust:37cm waist:28cm hip:36.5cm(Limited 20)

      Series of Fmble will be sold out before Mar 26th,After that time we will no longer sell it (fullset and nude doll)


      If you have any question,you can feel free to ask us.
      e-mail:[email protected]
      We can do a layaway for you.
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