Sales Promotion GEM of Doll Summer Event.Free head and 1/8 dolls

Jul 28, 2016

    1. Hello daer
      GEM of Doll is holding a Summer Event now.More details can be found in
      Date from July 26th,2016 to Sep 25th ,2016
      1.Anyone who orders a doll can get a free head(the same size and skin color).
      2.If your order is over 600$,you can get a free 1/8 nude doll with make-up(white, normal pink and yellow can be choose).

      Event 1 and Event 2 is alternative.


      E-mail:[email protected]
      Fecebook: Gem Doll | Facebook
      Shopping mall:
    2. You also can buy Gem of Doll dolls from official dealer with 12% discount till September 1st (out 7th anniversary sale) - cannot be combined with Gem event. More info