GEM of Doll Tinies (17-30cm)

Apr 4, 2016

    1. Hello! Does anyone else have a GEM of Doll tiny? I noticed there was no discussion thread for them!

      I don't technically have my girl, but I have a 1/8 size Meng Meng 1 (with kitty ears!!) on layaway from Mint on Card and I'd love to chat with others about my plans for her and their dollies!
    2. I love them. Especially the sleeping ones... but I'm considering getting the new tiny Mona.
    3. :danceThank you for loving GEM of Doll,if you have any question ,you can feel free to ask me !

      :danceThank you for loving GEM of Doll,if you have any question ,you can feel free to ask me !
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    4. Hello :). I just got my first Gem of Doll tiny earlier this week. I'm still debating what to name her but she is a Mei:

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    5. Great
    6. EmmiImee, she's adorable!

      I'm thinking about getting a 1/6 Moki. I think he's so cute! Anyone have any owner pixs of him?
    7. I'm gonna revive this because I've been absolutely obsessed with Moky for the past little while...he's soooo precious and I have a character and story for him and everything. He's a sweet little prince and I wanna dress him in tiny frilly outfits and show him off. (I would totally get him, because there's an event on AC right now, but I just bought my DZ Carter and promised myself no more doll purchases till he got here. :lol:)

      Does anyone else have Moky or any of these tinies? They're so cute! I don't know why there aren't more!
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    8. Doing a (kind of?) resurrection on this thread because dang that event on AC right now is so tempting! I love the body sculpt for the tinies; they're so cute and delicate looking ... I'm surprised this thread isn't fuller!

      I'm still quite new to dolls -- still haven't made my first purchase yet -- but I think I might order Moky. He seems like a steal with the current AC event going on. But I hear the wait time for GEM is pretty epic. Has anyone ordered from the event already?
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    9. wow I'm surprised this thread has only a few posts too! Did you order Moky? I've just been looking at their new 30cm tinies on Alices (on offer still 15% discount) which are ADORABLE :aheartbea or at least Mia has stolen my heart - I'm not as keen on Milly as she looks less realistic somehow? Lovely new 30cm body though and the clothing sets are really beautiful - although way out of my price range sadly :whee:
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    10. Has anyone bought any of the newest Yosd size?

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    11. I have Moky 17.5 ❤️

      I'm still having problems looking for clothes for him tho
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    12. I recently ordered a M-Moky in the 27.5 cm size. I'm super excited for him to arrive! It's only been maybe a month though so I wouldn't be surprised if I still have a little while left for him to go. He'll be my first proper resin BJD so I'm really excited! :)
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    13. Hi everyone!! Just ordered 17.5 cm Jelly in tan resin through ACBJD.He will be the little brother to my maskcat 26cm mini (hopefully they are sort of in proportion..). So sad this is a slept on company, I need tiny spam .

      Oh no! Does he not fit Lati Yellow clothes?(before I buy from etsy)

      That's exciting! Did you order him fullset? I'll be looking out for his homecoming! Do you have a character thought out?
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    14. I know this thread is only just starting to pick up a bit, but...Would anyone know how the 30cm Gem body compares to the 27cm one in terms of pose-ability? The 30cm one is quite pretty, but I can't tell if it's double jointed at all. I need those double joints... Or maybe the 27cm poses pretty well all on it's own despite being older? :shudder
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    15. I'll try looking into Lati Yellow clothes. thanks hehe
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    16. Hi CoffeeStainedDress, has your 27cm Moky arrived yet? I'd love to see photos of him! :aeyepop:
    17. Hi! Sorry my response took a little bit. I have received him, he's really lovely. The only photo I have of him on here I worry might be a little large to post in the forums, so I'll redirect you to the profile I set up for him.
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    18. Oh CoffeeStainedDress! He's so adorable! I love him! :aheartbea

      Thank you so much for the link to his photo. I can't wait to get my Moky! :dance

      (It would be awesome if you could post his photo in this thread so everyone could see how darling he is!)
    19. Okay, I'll share his picture to the thread! I was worried it was too large at first, but I've noticed others posting photos of a similar size, so I'm not worried now.
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    20. Thanks CoffeeStainedDress! He's absolutely darling! I love his sweet little mouth. :aheartbea

      What's his back-story?