Event [geminick creations] Winter Event 2018!

Nov 19, 2018

    1. Hello everyone!

      Winter is coming… or so they say. Which means it’s time for geminick creations’ very first Winter Event!


      During this event period (2018.11.25 – 2019.01.31) all dolls on the site will have 20% off their price. A third doll, a slightly sun-damaged Ask in tan skin, has been added to the shop to a much reduced price. He has the same skin tone as Haldur, but parts of his face, hands, feet and lower legs are slightly lighter than the rest of him.

      Event Summary
      • Event period: 2018.11.25 – 2019.01.31
      • All dolls are 20% off
      • One more doll added to the shop


      If you’d like to see more of geminick’s dolls and sculpting, go check out her Twitch or YouTube channel, where she livestreams while working on her next doll called Kostja!

      Thank you for visiting!