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'Gender-neutral' dolls

May 8, 2009

    1. Hi~! I didn't see a thread quite like it, but if there is one please feel free to delete this! I've seen requests for 'androgynous' boys, but I'm looking to see dolls with no determined sex and/or gender. I know there are probably better ways to phrase that esp. in the title but I figured asking for sex-less dolls didn't sound quite right either. >//< Anyway pictures would be much appreciated! ^^
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    2. The Volks Tenshi are the closest to being indeterminate-sex that I can think of. I don't own my Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou anymore, but here is the Database thread for the Tenshi:
      (BTW, a lot of owners in that thread have assigned a gender to their dolls, but the Tenshi bodies are asexual.)

      Here's the section on the Tenshi from the Where Angels Lie website:

      And if you do some searching in Picture Requests and the Gallery, I know you'll find more owner pictures of these beauties!

      Some companies make male bodies without clearly-defined genitals, but the torso sculpting in those cases--at least the ones that I own--is too muscular to look indeterminate. Hypermaniac is probably the best-known of these companies; when DollTi was making their "Blodi"-sized boys, they were another example.
    3. Ones without any indication whatsoever as to gender. Hmn, you'll likely find most are tinies. Puki are of no determined gender bodies, same with the dollinian tiny. My two though do have an assigned gender (both are male, as is probably obvious in the face), but I've seen people pass them off as females, as something other...


      This the sort of thing you mean?
    4. I have two genderless Yo-Tenshi, which works well for their characters.

      Ikikuna, my Kasumi, pretends to be a girl:


      Amnumar, my Yuki, pretends to be a boy:

    5. My sister is looking for information on BJDs and doesn't have a DoA account so I'm making this thread to help her out. I searched for a while and found nothing on this; does this mean they are not in existence? By totally androgynous I mean, for example, a boy doll who is lacking genitalia. For her character, she needs a body that is able to be naked without anything shown -- he/she is not very shy! 0_0 She realizes she could sand it down but doesn't want to deal with the issue of resin dust.

      Thanks for any help you can offer -- much appreciated by the both of us!
    6. soom's glati/glot is gender neutral. http://www.dollsoom.com . they can be purchased on the secondary marketplace of DoA.
    7. Doesn't Volks have a genderless body? However, I think that's just a LE thing (like all the good stuff from Volks seems to be.) >:l

      Since you mention you don't want to deal with sanding it off, you could always send the boy out to a modifier to have it done that way.
    8. the Spiritdoll male body has a magnetic.... ummm, peen.... you could just leave it off, or plug the little hole (where the magnet sits)
    9. Thanks! Do you by any chance have any information on where we could send it, to get it modified, and the potential price of such? (just information-gathering. Thanks again! )
    10. I think you mean Bygg/Beyla, since my Glati most certainly does have a gender and is most certainly male. :)

      EDIT: The current Afi and Ai are also gender-neutral.
    11. Well, there's a company called "Los-Angel" carried by Jeeryama on Ebay. They have two "angel" models that are genderless.
    12. Most of the childlike tinies are genderless. Their faces may seem male or female depending on how you view them but the bodies have no genitalia.
    13. Just thought I'd note- the seirei bodies (basically SD13 boy with no genitals and SD13 girl with no breasts or genitals) are being added to the Tenshi no Sato Full Choice Service, so you can get any of the FCS heads on one, or enter/run a split for the body. :)
    14. Yep, I have both Glot and Glati and they respectively have girl and boy "parts". The Soom Tinys that have special resin colors are genderless.
    15. Just like Skwerlie said, they added the Seirei body to the FSC service in Sato.
    16. JaimeDoll makes genderless tinies: http://www.jaime-doll.us/

      If you're worried about resin dus, you could always commission someone who knows how to deal with sanding resin safely.
    17. a lot of tiny dont have genders
    18. I know many people that have mods on their dolls to change the gender on their dolls. If you wish to change the gender of your doll their are many people on DOA that do that for you.
    19. Androgyny has always interested me, I love to see fashion styles were their is hardly a line between what men and women wear.
      I guess it is different with dolls when you cant tell gender by looking at them or the ones who do not have one.
      Anyways, I liked the topic and love to see dolls who bend the limits between what is means to be each gender.
    20. I Don't really care for the genderless bodies but I know others do ;)