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Gender Preference?

Feb 16, 2017

    1. Do you prefer one over the other or will only have one sex? Why do you think this is?
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    2. Personally I think I don't have any preference for any gender. However, I've just boys. But, I don't understand your second question, what does mean the "is" ? :sweat
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    3. Initially, I thought I only wanted boys. Nowadays, I seem to prefer girls more. It really depend on the sculpts I come across with. If there is an influx of girl dolls that I really like, I tend to buy more girls. Likewise, if more boy sculpts are being released and I fancy their faces, I tend to buy more boy dolls. I go with the flow.
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    4. Why do you think you prefer one gender over another?


      I'm finding I'm not attracted to the males right now. Girls, girls, girls...just like the song.
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    5. It's okay, don't be sorry ! :XD:

      I see ! :)
    6. I have all boys. I don't know why, but I'm not as interested in girls. I'm a tomboy, I don't have any interest in girly clothes, hair or make up on me, so I guess that carries over to my dolls. I find the tiny boy clothes and shoes cute! (Must stop buying boots...)

      Also, I prefer looking at men in general so in terms of faces that appeal to me, that's possibly part of it.
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    7. Somehow it happened that I only have boys. It has bothered, now I want buy a girl and to sew dresses for her)
    8. Spuggy I'm a tomboy too and maybe that's why I'm attracted to the girls. I can live my girly fashion dreams vicariously through them (and at a much more reasonable price than dressing myself the same way).
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    9. I prefer the boys because it's rare when it comes to dolls. I think the only kind of doll that has a variety of male dolls are BJDs. I have yet to see other dolls than Ken. :lol: I'm not completely against the thought of buying girl dolls though.:) But I'd rather spend the cute clothes on me if ever. Lol :mwahaha:lol:
    10. I have a huge favoritism on girls, and only own girl BJDs. I guess it's because i have always been into fashion dolls, I just love buying them cute dresses, changing their hair, etc! :fangirl:
    11. Most of my dolls are girls. But as I also have boys, I can't say if I actually have a favorite now. It is easier to find "girl" clothes for the doll sizes I prefer.
    12. I have both male and female dolls (as well as a few who are neither-) in my collection, but the guys have always made up the majority. They currently outnumber the gals by about 3 to 1. o_0

      Why? It's not because I have anything against girl dolls... I have every bit as much fun with them as I do with my guys... It's just that I'm much, much pickier about them. Not only do I have to like both the head and body sculpts, but they have to "match" well in terms of apparent age and physical maturity. I can mentally work around a boyish male face on a ripped muscle-dude body a lot more easily than I can tolerate a very child-like little-girl face on a boob-a-palooza grown-up woman's bod... and, unfortunately, there are an awful lot of girl dolls out there that have that face/body disconnect. That's really limited the number of girls I could add to the crew over the years.
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    13. XD I literally have no girly fashion dreams!
    14. Nothing wrong with that at all. My interest in menswear would be on the historic side only to be honest.
    15. I only buy female dolls!
    16. I prefer male sculpts as I like their fashions more, and I also find their shoes fascinating (even in RL). I do have three females just so I can dress them up cute (one Dollfie Dream, one yosd, & one anthro). Mostly what Spuggey said about liking to look at males!
    17. I want a mix of both girls and boys. I don't have a doll as of yet, however my first one will be a girl. I don't know yet if I will have more girls than boys like I do with many other things, because there is such a large degree of customization that the clothes for boys would not restrict the kind of styles that I would want them to potentially have.
    18. I have twice as many boys as I have girls, but the girls are spoiled with a wardrobe and shoe selection that is far greater. The guys have half a dresser drawer of clothing; the girls have two and a half. :lol:
    19. I have both. I think I do a better job at styling girls. They have more hairstyles and beautiful dresses! Also the shoes and socks...
    20. Girls. I thought I'd only have boys, but I have the worst time finding wigs I like for them. I also like to sew, but am not very good lol, so I find it hard to make guy clothes. Dresses, at least the simple ones, are much easier. It's all about practicality for me. :)