General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. I've searched over and over and it seems like a waste not to see many active topics of discussion dedicated to Mecha Angels in general :sweat

      If there's a thread already please point me to it.

      Well, I must say my first live contact with MA gave quite the impression. Sabik is a mold with a loving personality :o
      I keep wondering if Soom had a model for him. So far he's on a borrowed Dollzone body that matches ridiculously well (both are around 2-3 years old, Sabik is ns and the DZ body is normal yellow, I think)

      Please share info about your tall girls and boys
    2. hi there! *waves hand*

      I also haven't found a special thread for Mecha girls and boys, which is kinda strange to me...
      Glad there's one now, anyway ^^

      I've just received Meisa today and I'm more than happy with her. She's so beautiful! One of my favorite molds this far. I was planning to get her someday, but when Soom informed that they're discontinuing her... I had to hurry up. And, of course, I don't regret it at all!

      She's still nameless though and fully naked... should sort it out somehow xD
    3. :D Ohhh gorgeous girl!
      Do post a pic when she has a wig ^_^

      Can I request something? D: Are the measurements posted on the Soom site reliable? I'm about finished with a jeans for my upcoming Vega and... I really don't want to end up having to redo everything ~___~
    4. Please show lots of Meisa pics, I waited for Soom to turn Meisa as a male then they decided to discontinue. I am sooo disappointed. Meisa will look great as a boy. Now I am waiting for Soom to produce another male mecha. So far I have Saiph, Corvi, and Vega in my collection. Need more hunkie male.
    5. Deneb makes a delightful male too :z I so want to mod a Deneb..........
    6. Anyone know how heavy Sabik is...? I'm adopting him soon from a friend, and I'm wondering what to expect xD I hear he's quite a handful xD
    7. (congratz Ruepaw \o/)
      So far well... I can say the head is huge o_o Like... your hand half open and curled a bit. Heavy, big, gorgeous head LOL
      I see why it's so difficult to make hibrid MA
    8. Ruepaw-Sabik isn't really that much heavier than most 70cm dolls. He's hollowed out pretty well in the chest area and my dollshe and EID boys feel much heavier to me. :)
    9. @Dream: Yeah, I've felt the weight of an EID with the Superhero body, and THAT was pretty weighty xD [I'll be ordering a EID Bichun with that body eventually, which is why I was testing xD] But, yes, if you say that Sabik feels comparitively lighter, then I think it should be okay when it comes to my carry bag and how my back will cope with all my dolls at once xD xD xD
    10. Now that I have two, I guess it's time to admit defeat and park myself here. ^^;

      Second one is a hybrid, currently wearing my Soom Ender head until I order the proper one. Love these guys, but dang is it ever hard to clothe them.
    11. Tygati, I read Dollmore Glamour Model clothes fit MA boys, there's a topic of it somewhere
    12. I think I looked into that for a bit, but happily for me there's an awesome seamstress in Hungary who sews the most gorgeous outfits for Mecha Angel boys. That way I don't have to settle for the few things that are available. :)

      P.S. Does anyone have a Betel? Curious to see that sculpt outside of promo shots.
    13. Guess I'll share my Sabik's pictures... linky
    14. Love the pics of Cain, bluekitsune~ :) I'll have to see if I can dig up some pics to post of my boy. I've been sewing a lot for him, so I haven't gotten to take many. Was somebody considering holding a MA clothing swap? Could have sworn I saw something somewhere on DOA.
    15. Isis, thanks ^^~
      please do :D
      Also, could you tell me if the MA website's measurements are accurate or not?
    16. second!

      eagerly waiting on the girls to come up again, i just missed them last time :(
    17. There's a really great detailed measurement thread for the MA boys here. :) Not sure about the big girls though.
    18. Shelbelly, who're gonna order? :3

      Dream of Isis, thanks :D This is really useful
      I guess we'll end up gathering the MA related links here hehe
    19. I wonder if Soom would let me get a Betel on a boy body... I really like that face. ^^
    20. Saiph :3 it was a hard pick between her and Betel! but Saiph won as she has that innocence i need for this character. she's going to tower over all my other resins XD but that's my intention with her :3
      i'm lucky there's two local owners with beautiful mecha boys near me, but no one local has a mecha girl :(