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General Question about Gifts from Others

Oct 26, 2010

    1. Hi there! I just have a quick general question to the Doll owners.
      I understand doll owners are kind of picky on what they're given because it has
      to fit with the doll they own. I love to make things for my friend's dolls but I'm often weary about giving them to her thinking that she would think it's crap and wouldn't ever put it on her doll (because it's just that bad). But she's always a complete sweetheart and says that she loves all of it. I'm still often worried as it's in my nature. The things I create aren't really great and no where near the stuff you buy from online doll stores. But my question is:

      As doll owners, what things really make you angry when people give them to you and what sorts of things would you NOT want to receive?

      And just as another side question:
      What sorts of gifts make you happy doll owners?
    2. A gift is always nice. I like to make hats or scarfs that way you pretty much know it will fit well. The only thing I would feel weird about receiving is anything to large (physically). I don't have that much room so if it doesn't store well I can't keep it... and I would feel bad re-gifting or donating it to Goodwill etc.
      It's good to be mindful, unless you know someone really well don't give them big items (I guess that goes for value as well).
    3. I love any sort of dolly gift, especially if someone has hand made it (I can't sew, so I appreciate any effort and feel touched when people make my dollies something). I think its fantastic that you make items for your friends dolls and trust me they would love it :)

      No dolly gifts make me angry hehe, but I do get given a lot of random cheap porcelain dolls (you know the mass produced ones that cost like $5). I appreciate that someone is trying hard to get me something but space is prime real estate around here lol so I never know what to do with them.

      Solution: my hubby's aunt loves those porcelain dolls, so I give them to her :) She's well aware that I get given all sorts of dolly things and loves my 'cast offs' as she calls them hehe.
    4. I guess I'd welcome any sort of gifts for my dolls so long it's still usable/wearable (not someone's leftover that falls apart the moment you use them and the types),

      Personally though, I'd be very worried giving stuff like wigs, main clothings etc unless you really know what type of style the other person likes and size that fits the doll. Accessories like glasses or props like cellphones, etc work well, at least to me. When it comes to the receiving end, I don't mind any style because if it doesn't fit my doll I can keep for future dolls or sell them to someone else dolls that'd fit them better. ^_^
    5. I can't imagine a gift making me *angry* unless it was somehow deliberately offensive... but who would spend time and/or money to give me an offensive gift? My first boy has such an eclectic style (since really, he kind of reflects all the different things I love to do with costuming etc.), I could probably make most things work for him. And if I couldn't, well, there's always the wishlist of dolls to save for. (Vince is already doing some holding onto things for future dollies...)

      I love getting anything that shows someone thought about me/my doll/my hobbies and wanted to give me a gift, I guess. For my last birthday, my aunt sent me a box of tiny toys and things that she thought would be Vince-sized (she's met him, so she has a sense of scale, and she loves scouring the Goodwills for miniature anything, too), and I was delighted to find a tiny game of skee-ball (I'm the queen of Skee-Ball in my family) in the box.

    6. what things really make you angry when people give them to you and what sorts of things would you NOT want to receive?

      I wouldn't be really angry, but more annoyed if people give me things I specifically told them not to give me. It's not so much the item that rubs the wrong way, it's the fact they ignored my wishes.
      It's also less about what people give me and more how they give it. If people are really pushy with their gifts or if they say that one of my dolls should really wear item X and they got me item X so my doll must from now on wear item X, then I might feel uncomfortable or go towards feeling angry.

      My non-doll owning sister likes to make stuff for my dolls and those things are great at times and less suitable at other times. I don't mind her gifts as long as she doesn't mind that I won't always use them. ;)

      What sorts of gifts make you happy doll owners?
      Stuff that I'd really like, but think I won't be able to get myself in the near future. I'm not talking about really expensive stuff, but things that keep getting postponed, because I shouldn't spend money on small things when I try to save up money. (Stuff like shoes, eyes, headphones, doll sized bags, etc.)
      Also gifts that are given to cheer me up or with the best intentions will make me happy.
    7. Just as the others say, gifts are always awesome because of the sentiment behind them.

      But as above the only things that would make me angry are things that I would find deliberately offensive (in which case thats a pretty crappy gift anyway >> ) or things that I specifically asked another not to get, or something I was very vocal about not having.
      I think it would really annoy me if someone gave me something like a wig "because it's better than the dodgy one you have" through their own personal opinion rather than through knowing that I was wanting something else. It would be a bit of a slap in the face if a supposed friend turned around and said "oh I've sent you something better" when you felt like you'd completed a doll's look! XD Much like going for a makeover and then being offered a paper bag....

      It realy is just the reverse that would make me happy! Considerate gifts, handmade items are also cool. Like "Oh I saw that you liked this so I thought I'd make you one" etc. Plus I am a total sucker for miniture things so little accessories are always going to be super well received.

      Overall it really isn't about the gift giving, emotional support and shared enthusiasm is the best thing >,<
    8. I'm personally always very fond of separate pieces as gifts, both for dolls and for myself. :lol: And very 'plain' things which can easily be mixed and matched with other pieces I own, meaning things like a plain black pleated skirt, or a plain white camisole, etc.

      One thing I have always loved to receive are doll sweaters, even when they're too big and/or shapeless they can make a very cute effect that only a doll can pull off. The average tee-shirt is always appreciated, too. And little accessories are such a sweet, considerate thought. A little bracelet, necklace, scarf, hat, hair ribbon are all things my dolls would be likely to wear and it can go with just about every look. So if their doll is a tomboy or a lolita, the person can still happily put on a little bracelet without feeling they have to change their doll's 'look' to wear your gift.

      My least favorite thing to receive are dresses, sometimes they can be so messily made it looks like I just wrapped my doll in some fabric. :sweat I especially hate it when the fabric used is over-sized for the size of the doll or is a very loud/vibrant/repeating pattern.
    9. hm... i don't know.
      i got a self knitted sweater and a scarf from a friend because she had made doll x tentaclephotos with one of my boys and her favorite octopus-plushy and it was really well made and i just love this set!

      but when i think about it.. i maybe would be angry if someone give me female underwear for my boys (i only have boys ^^;; ) and want to have them wear it or have photos taken with it... x__x
    10. All gifts are nice because they show they are thinking of you and your hobby and its encouraging. I tend to get a lot of tiny craft items like doll sized pegs and dolls, but I like to swop them. If someone buys a doll from me I might send them along if I dont need them and I tell them to do the same. Someone will find a use for them. Sometimes I get given a wig with a doll and its not for me, but instead of selling it Ill send it to someone else.
    11. I'd be annoyed if someone gave me lingerie for any of my girls, since they're all little girls. Any other clothing or accessory, I'd love to bits. My dolls are all new and while they may have personalities, I'm the one with free will and the ability to stuff them into anything I deem cute. :)
    12. I don't think any gift would make me angry so much as off-put. Like if somebody gave me a frilly lolita dress for my SD boy when they know he's not that type of guy. Or if somebody gave me something inappropriate for a tiny i.e. lingerie or something overly sexual. I actually like getting cheap porcelain dolls as gifts cause I can practice faceups or mods on them and a lot of the time you can rip their eyes out and use them for BJDs or steal their clothes or wigs.
    13. A gift is always nice really, it shows the person giving it is at least thinking about them. I'd love to receive gifts even if it didn't overly fit in my doll's look I'm sure I'd get it to work out somehow. :) I did receive two though, come to think of it.. One of my first doll meets I had brought my new girl and all she had was barbie clothes (all she still has really.. >.>) and one of the girls there gave me a dress they made and were selling for free. It was great, she didn't get around to wearing it due to needing undies though.. >.<

      I also got a homemade necklace for Jat, the maker decided it suited him and he just needed to have it. It was cool. Again didn't suit his character.. but he still wears it from time to time.

      I don't think there's much I'd be against getting - so long as the gift isn't overly religious. I like crosses as a decoration, rather than a symbol to religion so those I don't mind as much.. just can't be overbearing and such. If it screams 'religious garment' I may politely refuse or pass it on to someone who'd be more accepting of the garment/item - I wouldn't go so far as to throw it out, even if that might be my first inclination. (no offence meant to anyone who is religious)
    14. Hmm... I think I always feel happy every time I get things for my dolls. I never receive anything that makes me angry, and I hope it won't happen. But in case I get something like that, I think I'll just laugh. Let's see, if they give something that means to insult me & my dolls, I'll just think it's all about different taste... I won't yell and smack them, hahaha, just think maybe this is their way to express their feeling towards my dollies&#12316; ;)

      Hmm... Something suit my dolls will make me really happy&#12316; XD But actually even it doesn't fit my dolls' style, but if they give it because they think it will be perfect for my dolls, than I'll be happily receive it&#12316; I just need to mix & match it&#12316; No worries&#12316;&#12316; ;)
    15. The only bad gifts are thoughtless ones.
      I"m sure if you appreciate someone and take the time out to make something for them they sure can appreciate you and your efforts.
      At least I'd think that's the normal way to think. XD
      I know I would appreciate any gift specially made/bought for me!
      That is just so nice.
    16. I love my friend's doll, as it is the first one I ever saw in person, and I really love to make him things as gifts. I stay clear of things that I can't decide whether he would like, and always go with things that fit with her personality. Because I have found that, chances are, the gift will generally be loved. Most recently was a kitty hat, which she thought was adorable.
      But in general, if you think about getting someone a present for their doll, the person is almost always so pleased that you got something for the doll and not them as such that it is always well received. My best friend isn't into dolls, but she always finds little things and will visit with a pile of 'I found this, and thought Porridge/Hope/Alecto/Bina/Andi would like it' - it makes me feel good that she thinks of my dolls even though they aren't her thing that everything has found a home with my little ones :)
    17. I would have to say that no gift is a bad gift. And anything hand made is especially nice. As a crafter I know how much time and effort are put into something and appreciate it that much more. If it doesn't fit with my dolly's style or just plain doesn't fit I know soooo many friends who have a doll it might fit and would love it. I am happy with the thought that my friend was thoughtful enough to give me something to help excite me about my hobby.
    18. what things really make you angry when people give them to you and what sorts of things would you NOT want to receive?
      I don't think I'd ever be angry.. I'd still be really happy someone gave me something even if I didn't like the gift. ^^;;;;;; But like, if they gave me some really girly dress or something for my androgynous girl, I'd wonder why they didn't pay more attention to her style. And then I would wonder how I could make her wear it and have it not look totally awkward. XD;; Because I would probably still like the dress.

      What sorts of gifts make you happy doll owners?
      Really unusual or seemingly random things are my favorite, because it's a surprise and it's more interesting and it's fun if it's something I wouldn't have thought of getting.
      Or small but well-made and useful items/props. Something obscure or minor but useful is always a great gift. >3<; (I'm always afraid to give gifts like this, doll-related or not, because the initial reaction might vary, but it's so cool when the person ends up loving it..)
    19. What things really make you angry when people give them to you and what sorts of things would you NOT want to receive?
      I don't think I'd necessarily be angry ... ^^" A gift is a gift, I'm happy just for receiving something that someone has taken the time to make for my dolls. But I'd be a little disappointed I guess if I got something that didn't suit my doll's personality at all, like they didn't even bother taking that into account and made whatever they felt like... It's hard to say what I wouldn't want to receive, because then I don't wanna sound like I'm being extremely picky/rude. >< I just don't like how some seem to abuse the opportunity of giving gifts and see it as a chance to get rid of random trinkets/junk, which really can't be used as doll-related props at all... ^^;;;;

      What sorts of gifts make you happy doll owners?
      Usually the small/random things that I was not expecting... and also cards/notes/letters!!
    20. I take any gift with gratitude really and if it is hand made then it is all the more special regardless of what it may be.
      Im not picky but i know that if someone has taken the time to make something it usually always turns out fairly nice.
      Even if it isnt particularly good or great the thought to me is actually far greater than the product.